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What Are The Worst Sperm Killers?

December 2nd, 2016

What Are The Worst Sperm Killers?

What Are The Worst Sperm Killers?

For men their reproductive health matters a lot. This is especially true if they wish to father a child soon. Research and clinical data indicates that optimal maintenance of sperm quality and quantity is very important in achieving reproductive objectives. There are a lot of myths and tittle-tattles regarding sperm killers that makes men worried about what to do and what not to do? Well, reality is quite opposite! Most of the activities don’t really harm sperms, but there are definitely some activities that can be harmful for your reproductive and sexual health. Therefore, it is necessary to know about those common myths and actual facts!

Myths & Facts for Sperm Killers

  • Laptops

Laptops that are connected with Wi-Fi are one of the most controversial gadgets, when it comes to sperm health. It is said that long hours of laptop use can affect both the quality and quantity of sperms. To find out this association, 29 semen samples were collected, some of which were kept under the normal condition; while others were placed under running laptop (with active wireless connections). Results showed that sperms kept under the running laptops had a higher percentage of sperms with damaged DNA and reduced motility. The heat generated from running laptops and other similar gadgets is the primary culprit that affects the quality and motility of sperms. Further research is underway to ascertain the exact dosage of radiations and duration of exposure needed to cause sperm damage.

  • Cell Phones

Various studies have been conducted to find out the effects of cell phone usage on the sperm quantity and quality. Unfortunately, eight out of nine studies have shown negative influence on the sperm count and quality in men who use cellular phones for long hours. This is mainly because cell phones release electromagnetic waves which have injurious effects on the cells responsible for sperm production inside the testicles. Cell phones are more harmful when they are placed inside your trouser pockets.

  • Mountain Dew!

This caffeine rich, bright colored drink can do great damage to your sperms – a commonly heard rumor! According to healthcare experts, it’s just a hearsay! Mountain dew is not associated with any fertility issue. Though, carbonated drinks are not good for health in general due to many other reasons, but any particular drink does not cause any added harm to the sperms.

  • Hot Baths/Tubs:

Maternal Beef Consumption And Effect On Spermatogenesis In Male Child imageThe heat produced from hot tubs can affect the sperm quantity but only when a person spends hours after hours in these hot steamed environment every day! Use of hot tubs in moderation is totally okay. For optimal sperm health, make sure you avoid spending a lot of time in high temperature environments.

  • Tight Undies!

Wearing tight underwear or briefs have always been believed as a harmful practice that can damage the quality of your sperms. This is mainly because brief or certain types of tight underclothing can tighten the testicles and increases the temperature of scrotum. Although, it can elevate scrotal temperature up to a certain extent, the influence is not powerful enough to kill your sperms in the absence of other hazardous practices. Therefore, stop thinking and switch to boxers already.

  • Cycling

This may be a sad news for cycling admirers! According to some recent studies, long term cycling can exert harmful effects of on your sperm health. A comparative study was conducted between Spanish triathletes and non-cycling sport athletes. The semen sample evaluation showed that triathletes had poorer sperm quantity and quality as compared to the latter group. For more authentication larger group studies are required, but one should avoid regular long distance cycling. Better to be safe than sorry!

  • Cash Register Receipts!

Cash register receipts can be dangerous for your sperms! Sounds pretty strange, right!? Experts says that the coating on these receipts are made up of BPA- bisphenol -A which is a potential sperm killer. 2.5 micrograms of BPA can be transferred into skin if receipt is held for 10 seconds! Bisphenol-A is an endocrine damaging substance which can lead to fertility issues in men, when exposed in persistently small doses. Though there is no study confirming that receipt kept inside the pocket will impair the sperm quality, but it’s better to wash hands after touching the receipts.

  • Smoking

For decades, smoking has been known to exert injurious effects on the male fertility. Numerous studies show that smoking can harm the sperm count and its quality. The risk doubles for heavy chain smokers. It can even damage the sperm DNA and chromosomes! Therefore, it is a big no!


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