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Best ways to Increase Sperm Count

November 30th, 2017

Best ways to Increase Sperm Count

Best ways to Increase Sperm Count

Sperm is the reproductive cell unit that plays an integral role in the fertilization process. Sperm count suggests the amount of total sperms found in the semen sample, obtained as part of semen analysis. Couples that are experiencing difficulty in getting pregnant should opt for semen analysis and learn more about increase sperm count. 

According to World Health Organization, for semen sample to be rated as normal, the sperm count in male semen sample should be approximately 15 million per ml or we can say that it cannot be less than 39 million per specimen. Traditionally, a diagnosis of male infertility is made if sperm count is less than 10 million/ml.

Spermatogenesis i.e. the sperm development procedure generally takes almost 74 days to transform male germ cell into live sperm. Anything that serves as a free radical or reactive oxygen species, or any factor that interferes with the normal levels of testosterone can impair the healthy growth of sperm cells and overall sperm count.

Tips to increase sperm count:Male infertility, how to increase sperm count

Conception and fertility issues are very common these days. Almost 15 percent couples face difficulty in conception.

Natural methods to boost fertility in male and increase their sperm count are as follows

Exercise regularly and maintain good sleep:

As reported by American Society of Reproductive Medicine, healthy diet and regular exercise in order to maintain ideal body weight helps in increasing fertility rate and increase sperm count. It assists in alleviating stress levels and anxiety.

A study indicates that the testosterone level and sperm quality is higher in the men who exercise on regular basis as compared to those who don’t exercise at all.

Stress Reduction:

Stress is the cause of many problems. Stress not only decreases sexual satisfaction but also impair the fertility.

Serum levels of Cortisol hormone elevates in individuals who are exposed to persistently high stress levels which may in turn exert negative impact on the serum testosterone; both directly as well as indirectly. The level of testosterone decreases when Cortisol increases. Due to which fertility rate also decreases.

There are many relaxation therapies to reduce stress level. Severe and problematic stress levels can be tackled with the help of more comprehensive lifestyle modification and medication.

We can reduce our stress by diverting our mind in numerous activities like watching movies, walk, and hanging out with friends and exercising.

Quit smoking:

Tobacco is one of the key causes of low sperm count in men. Besides reducing the count of sperms, it can also impair the quality of sperms such as low motility and abnormal morphology of sperm cells. Smoking also results in damaging the sperms DNA which can affect the growth of baby. According to a study conducted in 2016 on a sample of 6,000 participants, it was concluded that smoking constantly lowers sperm counts.

Avoid the use of alcohol and drugs

Drinking alcohol results in reducing the quality as well as quantity of sperms. Many researchers establish that the drugs like marijuana, alcohol and cocaine reduces the production of sperms.

Avoid unnecessary medications: 

Certain types of antibiotics and steroids that are prescribed to treat some acute diseases like high blood pressure or anti androgen consumption in order to treat swelling of prostate may also adversely impact the normal production of sperm. In fact, chemotherapy or exposure to radiations almost always leads to impaired fertility in males. Therefore, if you are getting treatment for a serious malignancy, it is important to discuss fertility preservation options with your doctor.


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