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Men Fake Orgasms! Hey Sir, have you ever faked an orgasm?

October 9th, 2013

Men Fake Orgasms! Hey Sir, have you ever faked an orgasm?

Men Fake Orgasms! Hey Sir, Have You Ever Faked an Orgasm?

No, it is not a joke; this is in fact very serious: a poll study just recently found out that about 22% of men fake orgasms in the bedroom! Compared to men, the number of women who report faking an orgasm remains still significantly higher — estimates range from 50 to 80 percent. One study even found that a quarter of female respondents pretended to have an orgasm every time. While it seems logical that the notion of “men fake orgasms” would not make any sense at all, at the same time it has been shown that men fake orgasms is much more frequent than we initially thought.
While most men have experienced their partner faking an orgasm (most likely you have not if you are not a good observer reading body language) and were upset and disappointed, it is hard to believe why men would fake an orgasm, too. What might be the reason for men fake orgasms? And why is the number of men fake orgasms so high?

Men Fake Orgasms by Statistics

In a recent poll, 22% of male respondents admitted to faking an orgasm. A separate poll from the same source indicated that divorced men were 67% more likely than single men to fake an orgasm.

Men Fake Orgasms, But Why?

Men Fake OrgasmsLooking for reasons for fake male orgasm, underlying orgasmic disorders and psychological issues seem to be the most reasonable explanations for men fake orgasms.
Orgasmic disorders pose a huge amount of pressure on a man’s psychological state of being; the embarrassment due to the inability to ejaculate seems to be one of the most common causes for men fake orgasms.
Problems in a relationship that are not being discussed and the loss of sexual attraction for the partner while feeling obligated to fulfill marital and relationship duties is another reason for men fake orgasms.
Both situations are furthermore accompanied by the fear to cause anxiety in the partner and building the ground for endless discussions.

Men Fake Orgasms, But How?

The other question that comes up with such a high number of men fake orgasms is how do these men do it? The question is justified in so far that while a female orgasm is usually a state of being, the male orgasm is usually accompanied by ejaculation and semen emission. While digging deeper into the problem, it seems that the avoidance of talking about the issue makes it become a silent enemy at some point down the road. While the female partner might initially think about how he suddenly has orgasms without the evidence, she seems to eventually get used to the idea of something not being right and stop bothering about it. And so on, the problem continues to exist and grow in dimension without seeking a real solution for it.
But have you ever asked yourself why our current generations are facing so many sexual issues and disabilities? For sure the media is one major reason by providing illusions about the perfect sexual relations and the hardcore interactions. But stressful lifestyle and unhealthy diet contribute a lot to a man’s sexual inability causing  problems like loss of libido, orgasmic disorders, and erectile dysfunction.
At the end, the solution seems to lie in the hand of the affected individuals. Shaking off a little stress, little changes here and there towards a more relaxed and healthier lifestyle, and most importantly a honest conversation with the one you trust the most, here your partner, seem to be the ultimate solution for overcoming problems that causes situations in which men fake orgasms.

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