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Is it healthy to sweat a lot?

July 2nd, 2018

Is it healthy to sweat a lot?

Is it healthy to sweat a lot?

When it comes to sweat, all humans have a different condition. There is a always a variation when it comes to sweat: the amount, the odor, or the location. Even humans who are the same sex and have the same body type will have varied sweat. Usually, the amount of sweat you produce correlates with the amount of sweat glands you have. Because there is no standard when it comes to sweating (nor for sweat glands) it is difficult for medical professionals to determine what is “unhealthy” or “abnormal.”

A Response to Exercise

A study conducted in Japan in 2010 looked at the difference of sweat production between females and males and also between those who are deemed fit and unfit. The study found that fit people do tend to sweat more, and sooner when partaking in exercise.
What makes fit people sweat more? The higher your work out capacity is, the more capacity you have for heat generation. It’s a simple addition problem: exercising at increased workload + more heat generation = more sweat.

Sex & Environment

The study found that men were likely to sweat more than women. This is because of body size. The more body mass you have, the more heat you generate. This theory also applies to people who are overweight.
Environment can also trigger different sweat conditions and patterns. For example, if someone is used to living and being physical in a hot environment, they probably sweat different than people who live in cold environments. Our bodies are able to adapt to different environments.


Hyperhidrosis is when one sweats excessively in one area of the body. The most common areas of hyperhidrosis is either on the palms or in the armpits. Excessive sweating is categorized by sweating up to 5 times the normal amount. Hyperhidrosis can be connected to illnesses or be a side effect from medication. It can also be a sign of a hormone disorder such as thyroid disease. Those who excessively sweat should see a medical professional to receive the appropriate diagnosis.

The More You Sweat…

Research suggests that how much you sweat has little correlation to your health. Conclusively, sitting in a sauna and purposefully forcing your body to sweat will not rid you of toxins. If you are looking to improve your health and bodily function, the best place to start is a male health expert. Dr. Elist and his team have helped thousands of men revamp their lifestyle, resulting in notable physical success.

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