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Dr. Elist’s Discussion with Senator Harry Reid About US Health Care

April 25th, 2014

Dr. Elist’s Discussion with Senator Harry Reid About US Health Care

Dr. Elist’s Discussion with Senator Harry Reid

Senator Harry Reid  and Dr Elist PhotoDr. James Elist, renowned urologist in Beverly Hills, discussed several changes to the US healthcare landscape with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. During their conversation, Dr. Elist provided the senator with his insights on physician needs and the importance of controlling skyrocketing legal costs for all medical professionals. Senator Reid and Dr. Elist continue to be in touch, cementing Dr. Elist’s reputation as one of the country’s top urologists.

About Senator Harry Reid

Senator Harry Reid is the Majority Leader in the U.S. Senate, someone that has earned the respect of colleagues from both parties, and a powerful advocate for Nevada families. Every day Senator Reid puts his leadership position to work to deliver meaningful results for all Nevadans.

Learn More About Senator Harry Reid

Senator Harry Reid PhotoHis Life:

To understand Senator Harry Reid, you must look to the small mining town of Searchlight, Nevada.
Searchlight is where Harry Reid watched his father work as a hard rock miner. It’s where he attended a school with one teacher for eight grades. And it’s where he learned Nevada values like hard work, opportunity, and independence. He still lives in Searchlight, and he is still guided by the lessons and values he learned there.

What Media Says About Him:

The Las Vegas Sun newspaper summarized Senator Harry Reid’s story by saying that he “has gone from underdog to Senate’s top dog.”
Parade Magazine, the nation’s largest weekly magazine, identified Senator Reid as one of a handful of leaders in Washington with “integrity and guts.”

What Republicans Say About Him:

Senator Reid has worked with both parties, including all members of the Nevada Congressional Delegation, to address the issues important to the state. His Republican colleagues have praised his reasoned, balanced approach.
Senator Orrin Hatch, Republican from Utah, has said, “We all respect Senator Reid. He is one of the moderate voices around here who tries to get things to work.”
And former Republican Senate Leader Trent Lott said, “Harry Reid is out there finding a solution. I enjoy working with him very much.”

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