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Exercises For Men For Better Sexual Health

November 14th, 2016

Exercises For Men For Better Sexual Health

Exercises For Men For Better Sexual Health

We are all aware of the beneficial effects of exercise and physical training on overall mental and physical health. In addition, various research and clinical studies also suggests that working out can also improve one’s sexual health. For example, few exercises that are termed as ‘sex exercises’ can directly boost flexibility and endurance in bed.

According to exercise physiologists, employing special training techniques at least 3-4 times a week can enhance the pleasure and intensity of stimulation during sexual intercourse by promoting the circulation to your genital region.

The following ‘sex exercises’ have been recommended in this regard:

  • Weight lifting:

Strength training exercises such as weight lifting have been shown to increase the serum level of testosterone in your body, according to the latest scientific research. The testosterone is the primary male sex hormone which is responsible for improving the male libido. It has been recommended that, at least ten repetitions of weight lifting per day is what’s required for a better sexual activity. It has also been proposed that doing certain muscle building exercises, such as sit-ups, push-ups and crunches can also improve the upper body muscle strength including the shoulders, chest and abdominal muscles (which are predominately used during the sexual intercourse).

  • Kegels:

The kegels are usually advised to the pregnant or multi-parous women to increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles in order to restore muscle strength and tone after pregnancy and delivery. But nonetheless, this exercise technique also work wonders for men. Research and clinical data indicates that these exercises tone up the Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle; thereby helping in the sex endurance and control. Men can adopt this exercise on a daily basis if they have a problem with sustained erection or premature ejaculation. The exercise regimen should be first practiced in the toilet by strengthening the tone of PC muscles by interrupting the flow of urine mid-stream. After that you can do this exercise anytime and at any place by squeezing your PC muscles for 10 seconds, relaxing and then repeating the cycle for many times a day.

  • Yoga:

Pelvic Exercises Can Address Premature Ejaculation imageRegular yoga and related postures can help in improving the overall quality of sex by:

  • Increasing your flexibility by getting into different creative positions which can maximize pleasure
  • Improving your stamina as it can lead to better energy influx

Different yoga poses like the Bow Pose, Shoulder Stand and the Peacock pose can help in improving the pelvic muscles.

Brisk Walking

Aerobic exercises can help male sexual health by reducing the risk of developing erectile dysfunction (ED). The following mechanisms have been proposed by investigators:

  • Fast walking for two miles can burn at least 200 calories a day, which helps in maintaining optimal body weight. Exercise also improves the basal metabolic rate and hormonal regulation that can significantly lower the risk of developing ED.
  • Most importantly, all forms of physical activity increase the blood flow and circulation towards the pelvic region.

It has also been shown that vigorous activities like brisk walking or running can help release the endorphins in the body, which can relax your mind and body for better sexual performance.


Swimming is another healthy activity which can rave up your sex life by:

  • Energizing you
  • Losing weight which can lead to better sex by making you look more attractive to your partner
  • Releasing stress and tension in your muscles and joints due to hydrotherapy

Swimming for at least half an hour, 3 times a week has been statistically known to improve your endurance and performance in bed.

So, for all the men out there, try doing these exercises for a better and healthy sex life. Also, make sure to keep up with your bi-annual physical examination in order to detect, diagnose and manage chronic health issues that may interfere with your sex life.


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