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Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

March 13th, 2018

Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

Psychological Erectile Dysfunction, There are many factors that contribute to 30 million men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). Commonly, we believe that erectile dysfunction is caused by previously existing medical conditions (such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease). However, psychological and interpersonal factors also play a paramount role in the penile function and sexual satisfaction. Psychological impotence is not a widespread topic discussed amongst men, thus many are left in the dark on how to solve their erectile dysfunction.

No Age Boundaries

Erectile dysfunction has no age boundaries. Erectile dysfunction is known to affect men of senior age due to the low testosterone levels that come with aging. However, the psychological effects erectile function has no parameters.

Common Psychological Causes for EDtreat ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION

 Anxiety: Anxiety is the most common psychological cause of ED. Anxiety has physical effects on the body such as blood pressure fluctuation, an increase of heart rate, and fatigue. All of these physical responses can affect your sexual performance. The Journal of Urology reported that men with psychological impotence reported heightened levels of anxiety at the time of their last attempted sexual intercourse.
Stress: Stress rules many areas of our life. It can affect the human body in multiple ways and, like anxiety can result in physical reactions. Stress releases hormones into the body that stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. This triggers our “fight or flight” response to danger, causing a surge in our blood flow and our hearts to race. The sympathetic nervous system also connects to our sexuality: If our body is worried in the face of danger, it will most likely not respond sexually.
Depression: Due to chemical imbalances in the brain, one can be affected by depression. Depression results in low energy and motivation, make you feel sluggish and negates positive energy. When experiencing these symptoms it is hard to maintain sexual satisfaction. Researchers from across the world have proven a strong correlation between men’s depression and erectile dysfunction.
Performance Anxiety & Fear: Our mind is a powerful tool that often affects our choices. In addition, fear and self-esteem can develop as a mere thought and then can materialize into an actual physical reaction. In short, the fear of not being able to perform sexuality can lead to actual sexual dysfunction. This can stem from previous failed experiences (or past experience with erectile function) or from sole mental falsehoods.
 Psychological problems can affect our ability to achieve sexual satisfaction and maintain success in sexual performance. It can affect males at any point in life. If you are a healthy man struggling with erectile problems, it is most likely your ED is caused by mental anxieties. Psychological impotence is very common and can be treated easily. However, if you feel like your low self-esteem and anxiety is rooted in penile size dissatisfaction, Dr. Elist’s patented penile enlargement surgery is your answer. Penile enlargement not only boosts confidence but satisfies lifetime goals of sexual satisfaction. Dr. Elist’s patients have reported significantly increased self-confidence and self-esteem after the Pneuma penile enlargement surgery.

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