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Common Ejaculation Problems in Men

January 22nd, 2018

Common Ejaculation Problems in Men

Common Ejaculation Problems in Men

There are several disorders of male ejaculation, including premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, and anejaculation, which refers to an inability to ejaculate. With normal ejaculation sperm from the testes, seminal fluids, and secretions from the prostate gland are ejaculated together. The mixture flows through the urethra and out of the penis through the urethral meatus. The sphincter muscles of the bladder contract during sexual arousal, to prevent urine and semen from mixing. This also prevents sperm from traveling backward or “retrograde” into the bladder. With so much going on, sometimes ejaculation problems can occur.

How Does Ejaculation Work

In order for ejaculation to occur forward through the urethra, the internal and external sphincters of the bladder that close the bladder neck must contract to prevent backflow; the muscles around the prostate must contract to push semen towards the urethra, and the external sphincter of the urethra must relax to allow release of semen at the meatus. When these mechanisms fail, retrograde ejaculation occurs. Seminal fluid directed backward into the bladder instead of forwards. Semen travels through the urethra and out through the meatus of the penis.
Premature ejaculation refers to ejaculation that occurs just before or after sexual penetration, with a minimal amount of sexual stimulation. This disorder results in poor sexual performance and partner dissatisfaction. Men who experience premature ejaculation often suffer from performance anxiety. Although most men will experience premature ejaculation on occasion, it is time to seek professional help when it becomes a frequent barrier to a satisfactory sexual encounter. Approximately thirty percent of men report frequent premature ejaculation, although most don’t seek treatment. The diagnostic criteria include a loss of control resulting early ejaculation after minimal sexual stimulation that results in psychological distress.

Critical Ejaculation Problems Ejaculation Problems

Delayed ejaculation is characterized by a prolonged amount of sexual stimulation before you finally ejaculate. It can result from nervous system damage, drugs that affect the central nervous system, and low levels of testosterone or thyroid hormone. Some men are unable to ejaculate at all, known as anejaculation. It is often due to the same factors that cause delayed ejaculation.
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