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Yoga for a healthier sex life?

July 25th, 2018

Yoga for a healthier sex life?

Yoga for a healthier sex life?

Yoga has the ability heal numerous physical and mental distresses. Yoga can help alleviate anxiety and depression, but also improve joint function, relieve pain, and lower blood pressure. Yoga poses (asanas) can help strengthen muscles and elevate your mood. Yoga incorporates breathwork and relaxation which helps enhance mental stability. The overall healing qualities of yoga have the ability to enhance sexual function.

Boost Your Stamina

Through the breathwork incorporated in yoga, one can learn how to monitor the breath and use it to manipulate body function. By learning to control the breath, it allows one to manage the body and increase awareness. Men can increase their stamina and combat premature ejaculation by learning how to control the breath and practicing specific breathing techniques. Often, if a man starts deep breathing before climax, he can prolong his ejaculation.


In ancient times, yoga was used to promote flexibility: this allowed people to sit and meditate for longer periods of time. The flexibility that comes from yoga allows your muscles, joints, and ligaments to become more limber. When having sex, the more limber you are,the more positions you can do. This creates variety in the bedroom and can spice up your sex life!  Some yoga positions can even double as sex positions.

Strengthen Pelvic Floor

Many yoga poses help strengthen your pelvic floor. By engaging all the muscles in your pelvic floor, you have the ability to intensify sensation. For men, the stronger your pelvic floor muscles, the easier it is to control erections and ejaculation. Practicing yoga is a way to incorporate kegel exercises in your life.

Be Present

Distraction during intercourse can make it hard to focus on our own pleasure AND your partner’s. Remaining present can help you stay connected. Awareness of the body (how it works and functions) can help bring confidence and comfortableness into the bedroom.

Taking Control

Dr. Elist has been in private practice in Beverly Hills, California since 1982, specializing in urology, specifically in impotency, male sexual dysfunction, and infertility. His researched is geared toward male sexual dysfunction. If you feel like you are suffering in your sex life and want to take control of your issues, Dr. Elist and his team are here to help.

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