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Low Volume Ejaculation In Males

February 26th, 2016

Low Volume Ejaculation In Males

Low Volume Ejaculation In Males

Men are very concerned about their manhood characteristics; especially their penile length and girth. It may seem strange but most males have even measured and compared the size of their penis with their peers and friends. But what about squirting? Are you ejaculating sufficient semen? What is the normal volume of ejaculation? Is there a low volume ejaculation average? Some of these important questions will be answered in the text below.

What Is The Volume Of Normal Ejaculate?

According to a new report released by World Health Organization, an average male ejaculates about 3.7ml i.e. three fourths of a teaspoon after successful sexual activity. It is not mandatory that every man must ejaculate this much volume. Various research studies suggests that even if you are spurting less than 3.7ml of semen with each sexual cycle, there is nothing to be worried about. However, if there is a distinct or sudden change in the amount of ejaculation then it is a sign of some serious health issue and you should get yourself evaluated.

How Low Is Too Low?

Experts suggests that if your ejaculatory volume is very low such as, 1.5ml or less then it is a worrisome situation. It may indicate some hidden issues which must be investigated.

It is imperative to keep in mind that the volume of ejaculate decreases as a person gets older due to physiological changes in the sexual functions. For example, it has been observed that erectile function compromises with advancing age, which in turns affects the ejaculate volume. Therefore, if your spurting is decreasing continuously but slowly over a period of 5 or 10 years then it is a normal phenomenon. It can even occur at a much younger age (i.e. 20s or 30s); unfortunately, most people don’t notice these Pelvic Floor Exercises and premature Ejaculation imagechanges at a younger age.

Causes Of Low Volume Ejaculation

There are various causes for low volume of semen; some of which are discussed below

1. Hypogonadism

Hypogonadism refers to low levels of testosterone. Clinical studies suggests that low testosterone levels can also reduce the amount of semen produced. Other classic symptoms of hypogonadism are; difficulty in concentrating, weakness and fatigue. If you experience such symptoms along with low ejaculatory volume; then you should opt for the evaluation of your testosterone levels.

2. Neurological Problems

Injuries of spinal cord or multiple sclerosis can also lead to low ejaculatory volume of semen as well as compromised sexual function.

3. Diabetes

We all know that diabetes can lead to various deleterious effects on your health including sexual dysfunction. In addition, poorly controlled diabetes is very strongly linked to subnormal production of semen. Diabetes can induce ejaculatory and erectile issues due to nerve and blood vessel damage; thereby creating hindrance in the nerve impulse transmission. Retrograde ejaculation is another disorder which develops secondary to uncontrolled diabetes. It is a condition in which semen flows back into the bladder instead of spurting out of the penis.

4. Drugs Like Alpha Blockers:

Alpha blockers are a class of drugs that are widely used for the management of urinary disorders and high blood pressure. Using these medications can also lower your spurting volume.

5. Other Causes:

Besides above mentioned issues, having enlarged prostate gland or a recent abdominal surgery can also reduce the volume of ejaculation. According to a new study, history of smoking and some other lifestyle choices can also affect the production of prostatic fluid and secretions from seminal vesicles regardless of the serum testosterone levels (3).

Detecting any change in sexual functioning can freak out men easily and it may affect their relationships. Instead of getting stressed out, it is better to get yourself examined by a trained urologist. Fortunately, most cases of low ejaculatory volume are benign and requires no emergent or serious management.


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