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Blood Pressure | ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

June 3rd, 2014

Blood Pressure | ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

Blood Pressure | ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

High blood pressure can cause your entire vascular system damage. Therefore, when dealing with a high blood pressure problem, the effects on blood flow have a direct impact on the proper functioning of the penis. An erection relies on how effective the blood is flowing through the arteries and veins in order to achieve and sustain an erection. So, it is important to identify the cause of erectile dysfunction (ED Remedies Learn More), if it is present. If the problem is high blood pressure, correct the problem with medications, lifestyle changes, or surgery for the blocked arteries.

Blood Pressure Causes and Effects

Psychological (Stresses & ED Learn More) and physiological are the two types of causes for ED. Physiological reasons are easily established and usually reviewed first. If the cause is established to be physical, there are treatments and medications available. If there are no physical reasons for ED, then the psychological area is researched.
The psychological cause can be harder to diagnosis and more time consuming than a physical cause like high blood pressure. ED symptoms could be a combination of psychological and physical, but reviewing the possible physical cause, is the quickest way to get the issue under control. There is medication for high blood pressure that can sometimes be prescribed to ED as well.

Helpful Tips to Fight Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure | ED Image

Tips for Blood Pressure | ED

Lifestyle changes can lower blood pressure for some and in result, resolve erectile dysfunction. Eating healthier (Healthy Snacks Learn More) and exercising helps keep your arteries strong. However, at times, blood pressure medications are required. With the right medication, there usually are no side effects with ED. Some blood pressure medications have been known to help with erections. When adjusting to new medications, it is important to discuss all reactions with your doctor in order to find the best results. Be patient in finding the best high blood pressure medicine that is right for you. If stress (Hormonal Imbalance Learn More) is the cause of erectile dysfunction it would be best to look at techniques to relieve stress. Of course a healthier lifestyle including clean eating and exercise is best for stress related symptoms. For psychological causes, there are treatments and medications available as well.
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