Vaginal Surgery | Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery

Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery Image
Vaginal Surgery | Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery

Vaginal Surgery | Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery

Vaginal Surgery Image, Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery ImageUndergoing reconstructive-cosmetic surgery used to be a rare occurrence. However, as time has passed, this kind of surgery has slowly become more accepted, and even embraced by people. Usual procedures include a nose job, lip augmentation, liposuction and breast implants which are performed by surgeons. As the amount of patients who want cosmetic surgery grows, so does the demand for surgeons and different types of surgeries.

Vaginal surgery, or Vaginoplasty, is one of the latest trends in the field of reconstructive-cosmetic surgery. This procedure is done to “Tighten up” the vagina after it becomes loose from childbirth or aging. This procedure involves removing vaginal tissue, and tightening the vaginal canal and its opening.

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Vaginal Face Lifting Surgery

Although vaginal surgery is usually performed to give a “Vaginal face lift” or “Vaginal rejuvenation”, this surgery is also performed on the damaged female reproductive organs due to a congenital disease like vaginal atresia. Other reasons why the vaginal reconstructive surgery is performed, is in the process of sexual reassignment surgery. This particular type of surgery is performed on transvestites transgender patients, in which the male reproductive organ is surgically removed and then vaginal canal is reconstructed.

After the vaginal reconstructive surgery is performed, bruising, swelling and discomfort in the groin area will be experienced. The swelling and bruising will however usually subside over a period of 2 to 3 weeks. Sexual intercourse is also prohibited for six weeks, in order to avoid injury and give time for the wounds to heal.  Trans women who have undergone vaginal surgery, need to continually dilate the vagina after the wounds are healed. This is done through the different dilators that shall be inserted in the vaginal canal on a periodic basis, depending on the patient’s experience and physiology.

Market studies shows that vaginal surgery is quite expensive. A Designer Vaginoplasty, a marketing name for vaginal tightening surgery, has been found to cost up to $10,000! However, as the number of patients who wants to have this vaginal surgery increases, it is expected that this procedure will be much more affordable in the near future as new developments arise and competition between surgeons, for patients, increases.