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Sex and Heart Disease

May 31st, 2018

Sex and Heart Disease

Sex and Heart Disease

Overall, sex is beneficial for one’s health and lifestyle. Sex not only can make you happier and more satisfied, but it allows you to relax. Because sex is regarded as a form of exercise (yes, you burn calories when partaking in sexual activity) it improves blood flow and cardiovascular health. During sex, your blood pressure will go up (peaking around 160/190). This is equivalent to a few minutes of running. In essence, sex can be helpful to your heart.


Those we have stable heart disease are at low risk for cardiovascular events. According to the American Heart Association, an evaluation is recommended before sexual activity if you believe your cardiovascular health is not up to par. This is done by an exercise tolerance assessment and there is an adequate blood supply going to the heart while partaking in physical activity.

Sex is Advantageous for Heart Health

Sex is advantageous for heart health and heart health makes sex better. A study conducted by the American Journal of Cardiology found that men who were sexually active (have sex at least twice a week) were less likely to develop heart disease compared to men who had sex once a month.

Maintaining Sexual and Heart Health

Our libido and sex drive is important to our health, relationships, and self-esteem. Healthy libidos act an overall indicator of our cardiovascular health. If you feel like your sex drive has been suffering and want to expand your sexual stamina, seek medical help. Dr. Elist and his team have immense experience helping men achieve sexual fulfillment while also dealing with cardiovascular issues.

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