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Pros | Cons of Anti-Androgens

May 27th, 2014

Pros | Cons of Anti-Androgens

Pros | Cons of Anti-Androgens

A group of drugs known as anti-Androgens work to inhibit the biological effects of male sex hormones (Hormonal Imbalances In Men Page), known as androgens, on the body. They act by blocking androgen receptors.

Uses of Anti-Androgens

Prostate Cancer:

These drugs have proven to work efficiently against prostate cancer (Prostate Cancer Patterns| Development and Progression | Dr. Elist Health Blog Page). They are a very good alternative to surgery; and sometimes are used before surgery to shrink the tumors (PSA Test and Prostate Cancer Page). When a cancer patient is incapable of receiving radiation, or when this treatment was not effective, anti-androgens can be another option. When the cancer has spread outside the gland and when cancers come back, these drugs can be a very good option.


Anti-androgens are used as a second option to treat acne, when other treatments are not effective, these drugs often are. They act blocking testosterone levels (Testosterone Effects in Your Body Page) in the organism, and they decrease the activity of sebaceous suprarenal glands.

Alopecia and Hirsutism:

Anti-androgens act by suppressing hormones and are effective for treating these ailments. Patients under the treatment of this drug showed improvement after only one year of treatment.

Feminizing Therapy:

These drugs are commonly used by Trans-Genders, they are necessary if the patient seeks to undergo the feminization process.

Anti-Androgen Benefits

Anti Androgens Info.

Anti Androgens

  • Save lives.
  • Improve life.
  • Help with self-esteem.
  • Are effective.

Side Effects

  • The side effects of anti-androgens may be severe in some cases. Many physicians refuse to use this treatment due to the side effects.
  • Anti-androgens may cause impotence.
  • Breast augmentation tissue may occur.
  • Anti-androgens are associated with osteoporosis and fractures.
  • These drugs can cause anemia.
  • Diminishment of mental sharpness is usually associated with anti-androgen treatments.
  • These drugs can increase cholesterol levels.
  • Nausea, diarrhea and dizziness are the most common side effects.
  • Risk of liver failure is something to consider if you are under anti-androgens treatment.

For some people, the side effects are barely noticeable. For others, they can be very intense, it all depends in the individual. The benefits these drugs bring, can surpass the possible side effects they present.



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