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Prostate Cancer Patterns| Development and Progression | Dr. Elist Health Blog

April 1st, 2014

Prostate Cancer Patterns| Development and Progression | Dr. Elist Health Blog

Prostate Cancer Patterns | Development and Progression

Dr. Elist Blog, Prostate CancerThe development and progression of prostate cancer in society changes its patterns. Prostate cancer is highly heterogeneous in its nature, effects, pattern of progression and outcomes and is influenced by both heredity and environmental factors. Prostate cancer is almost certainly caused by changes (mutations) in the DNA that affect the regulation of the growth of normal prostate cells. These mutations can accumulate over time, causing the gradual progression to prostate cancer. Some mutations may cause a precancerous condition called “Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia (PIN)”, others may cause a slowly growing form of the cancer, and still others may cause a rapidly progressive form of the disease. It may take decades for some prostate cancers to develop, while others may develop more rapidly if a more serious mutation occurs. Some men may inherit one or more of these mutations from either his mother or his father. In this case, fewer additional mutations would be needed before cancer occurs.
Survival, treatment approaches and mortality, differ substantially by sociology-economic and geographic factors, and psycho-social outcomes are also likely to be affected by these factors and other personal characteristics. Nevertheless, it is possible that preventive measures might prevent the development or progression of prostate cancer.

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