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Pornography Addiction and Erectile Dysfunction

March 11th, 2014

Pornography Addiction and Erectile Dysfunction

Pornography Addiction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the inability to achieve or maintain a sufficient erection for sexual activity. There are several noted causes to ED–anything ranging from hormonal imbalances to fatigue, stress or depression. According to a recent study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, one out of every four new erectile dysfunction patients is under 40. Compare that to a 2002 Dutch review that found just two percent of younger men suffer from ED. There is one possible new cause of ED that may explain the recent spike. The culprit? Pornography Addiction!

How Pornography Addiction Can Cause ED?

Erectile Dysfunction Causes“Pornography is inspiring and sexually motivating,” says Ursula Ofman, Psy. D., a New York-based clinical psychologist and sex therapist.
But if you masturbate too frequently—especially in the hours before you attempt sex with a partner—your recent orgasms may make it more difficult for you to perform, or may lower your interest in sex, Ofman says.
Ofman added that frequent masturbation to porn or pornography addiction could train your brain and body to only sexually respond to very specific visual and tactile stimuli (your hand and the images on your computer screen).

The Remedy For Pornography Addiction

If you only watch one type of porn, switch it up and experiment with other types. If you concentrate your hand action on the same part of your penis during masturbation, vary that as well.
Ofman says that these changes will open your brain and body up to the wider range of sexual images and sensations you’ll experience with a partner.
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