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Letter From A Penile Enlargement Patient

March 12th, 2014

Letter From A Penile Enlargement Patient

Letter From A Penile Enlargement Patient:

We have recently received this letter from a patient who is interested in Dr. Elist’s Penile Enlargement Procedure. We found it interesting and thought would be a good read. It is untouched, we just added couple of useful links throughout the text.
“When I first saw your website, for the first time in my MANY years of hopeful looking into this, I saw before/after pictures that didn’t make me cringe.  The results indeed looked bigger, but also more healthy and natural.  There was also testimonials from men saying things akin to, “I wish I would’ve done something like this sooner, what a difference.” I believe there was even raving clients that invited men to call them for questions?  In any event, both the pictures and the inspiring testimonials were extremely reassuring compared to what has always seemed to be an intimidating vagueness about the industry’s confidence about p-surgery being a viable “solution.”  In other words, when compared to the confidence promoted by breast enlargement specialists, the male counterpart seemed more “back alley” and “enter at your own risk.”
By the way, when I say “solution,” I am not talking about for the many I have seen on these sites that the porno industry has given brain damage to… those that think their normal, or better-than normal penises need such drastic measures.  No, I am talking about men like myself, and my sister’s husband, that indeed require a solution.  How do you know you have a problem?  Well, you obviously have some sort of problem if you are bothered about yourself for any reason, but whether or not it’s in your head, or it’s a real problem, there’s a straightforward way to know.  The real acid test is the general social perception of you.
Matter of SizePenis sizes have a range of sizes and within that range it’s difficult to classify what normal is.  However, there is a certain size and look that is normal and it doesn’t matter how long or short you are so long as you’re within this range.  You can’t determine what this range is by BPEL measurements!  Since most of us discovered our problem during adolescence (because teens are so apt to call attention to anything that is abnormal), I will use a teen age analogy.  If you can walk around nude among a locker room full of teen age boys without anyone bothering you, congratulations – you are normal.  If on the other hand you cannot get away without someone saying something shrewd or humiliating, then you have a fricken problem and anyone that tells you different can get bent.  I never knew I had a problem until this began happening to me in junior high school and it was pretty devastating.  The idea of my newly acquired girlfriend having the same reaction was life altering… at least it was for me.
I personally don’t care about having a horse-sized penis.  I just don’t want to evernot ever – again need to think about my penis.  I want the freedom to be a man, as whatever man I am, without needing to focus on this insanity.  If there’s women that cannot be satisfied without a horse giving it to them, then I will leave them at the stables.  Therefore, if your procedure can give me a sense of normalness, and my woman won’t snap her hand back shrieking, “what the hell is inside there” – than I will make post haste to sign up and I will become a glaring beacon to any and all that I can likewise refer and help.  BECAUSE NO MAN SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH WHAT I HAVE BEEN THROUGH (nor should the women they love either and this I know with much regrettable sorrow).
In closing, if you can help me look and feel normal to myself, and equally important… look and feel normal to a woman without her immediately knowing, then let’s get started!  FYI – I have a fat pad above my pelvic bone, but bone-pressed erect (and I mean to the bruising of my pelvis bone with a wooden ruler) I am a fraction shy of 7 inches by 4.75, but from the base length its 5 erect.  Under normal flaccid circumstances, from exit base to tip it’s 3L by 4.25w and can really shrivel up worse on occasions (moody bastard).  When I use a water pump, I am able to realize a girth of 5 to sometimes 5.5, which holds for hours (and I always speak in inches).”

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