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Can Excessive Masturbation Have Negative Consequences for Partnered Sex?

August 10th, 2018

Can Excessive Masturbation Have Negative Consequences for Partnered Sex?

Can Excessive Masturbation Have Negative Consequences for Partnered Sex?

Increasing Sexual Stamina

For both men and women, masturbation can help enhance stimulation. Those who suffer from sexual dysfunction often look to masturbatuon to help increase desire and sensitivity.
Studies have found that the use of vibrators (by both men and women) is linked to increase arousal and desire. Women experienced more natural lubrication and men had superior erectile function.

Physiological Side Effects 

There are both negative and positive physiological side effects when it comes to masturbation. Masturbation can be a fun and carefree activity that reduces our stress levels. However, in some cases, it can have a reverse effect and cause men to become more introverted. The more someone becomes obsessed with masturbation, there is a likelihood they could avoid intimate relationships. This can manifest physically and emotionally.

For Men

If a man is uses a too tight of a grip during masturbation he can decrease sensitivity and sensation. It is important to take care when masturbating and pay attention to your pain level. It is recommended to change your grip and technique during masturnation to avoid any issues and also restore sensitivity.
When done ‘properly’ masturbation is a healthy tool that can help men experience peak pleasure. The better we get to know our bodies, the more we are able to manipulate how they work. By getting used to sexual stimulation through masturbation, men are capable of lasting for longer periods of time. This can result in a more pleasurable experience for both men and their partner.

Enhance Sexual Interaction with your partner

Masturbation can provide a key to maximum pleasure: you are able to learn about your own sexual desires and that of your partners. The ability to practice certain techniques on yourself can be beneficial to partnered sex. It can lead to an increased level of confidence, which can help in the bedroom.
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