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Men’s Sex Drive vs. Women’s Sex Drive

March 26th, 2018

Men’s Sex Drive vs. Women’s Sex Drive

Men’s Sex Drive vs. Women’s Sex Drive

Although there is no one clear way to measure one’s sex drive, it is a common belief that men have a higher and stronger sex drive than women. Although women, of course, can also have fervent sex drives, men are known to be stronger and more straightforward when it comes to sex. Men masturbate more often, devote more time and effort to having sex, and have more sexual partners.

Thinking about sex:

Men think a lot more about sex. The frequency that a man thinks about sex is at least once a day. According to a University of Florida study, men also have more frequent and varied fantasies which stimulate their need and want for sex.

Cultural Context:

Women are known to want and value an emotional connection when it comes to sex. What makes this interesting is that this emotional context has a lot to do with a woman’s sensitivity to environment and context. Their willingness to alter and adapt their sexual desires to situations is paramount to the way they conduct themselves in a sexual situation. Because men have a more spontaneous sexual arousal, they then are driven by these strong urges and act on impulse.


Men also masturbate more than a woman. Researchers believe that masturbation is considered one of the most reputable ways to measure sex drive because it is not influenced by outside components. Usually, the ‘guilt’ factor of masturbation comes from non-masturbating men. Non-masturbating women simply opt out of masturbating, not because of guilt, but because they don’t have the strong impulse.

Taking Risks:

Men take more risks when it comes to sex. Because men want sex more often than women, they also opt for a variety of partners and partake in more diverse sex acts.
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