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How To Boost Sex Drive In Men

December 7th, 2016

How To Boost Sex Drive In Men

How To Boost Sex Drive In Men

Less desire or no interest in sex is the alarming sign that makes a man visit the doctor and get his testosterone levels evaluated. When we hear the term “low testosterone”, the testosterone replacement therapy seems to be the ultimate solution to bring back the libido to normal levels. But, sometimes this condition can be managed without any medical intervention. Clinical study suggests that healthier lifestyle with regular exercise, balanced diet and good communication with your partner can do a lot more than pharmacological or surgical therapies to gain back that passion in your life!   

The Right Diagnosis

The key to successful treatment is to correctly diagnose the actual problem. Having low libido or less interest in sex doesn’t always mean that you have low testosterone. Sometimes it can be due to other health issues however, if you experience such symptoms your doctor will get your testosterone levels evaluated via blood test. The best time for evaluation is morning when testosterone levels are at their peak.

When Low Testosterone Levels Are Confirmed Via Diagnostic Tests

Once it is confirmed that your symptoms are due to low testosterone and not some other medical reason, you can restore normal testosterone levels with these simple steps:

  • Losing weight is essential for increasing basal serum levels of testosterone. Various research and clinical studies indicates that accumulation of fat especially at the belly region is related to impaired sexual desires.
  • According to a study published in Journal of Sexual Medicine 2013, performing aerobic training with moderate intensity for 200 minutes per week can elevate testosterone levels naturally (without needing any other medical or hormonal intervention). In addition, strength training also improves your sexual performance in the bedroom.
  • Foods to Boost Sex Drive ImageA balanced diet consisting of low fat and high protein components along with carbohydrates in moderation can also prove very beneficial for your sexual health. Cutting off 600 calories from meal can do great wonders for testosterone levels in obese males.
  • Chronic smoking or alcoholism or use of illegal, addictive/ habit-forming substances also lowers the testosterone level. Quitting or limiting the use of these hazardous chemicals is also very advantageous.
  • There are certain medications that are directly associated with a decline in libido in males as a side effect. In some cases, the sexual complications are a result of interaction between two drugs or endogenous hormones. If you are on any prescription drugs, ask your doctor if they have any potential side effect on your sexual health.
  • Sometimes sexual desires dip due to emotional disturbances such as divorce, death of partner, retirement or being jobless. if you are going through major life issues, seeking help from a therapist can be fruitful.

Explore New Intimacy

The pressure to be ready for sex or taking it as a task, makes it an unpleasant experience. Sometimes the fear of not being able to satisfy your partner or thinking about your low testosterone affects arousal. All these issues can badly affect you and your partner as well. Try to revitalize your love life and explore new ways of intimacy with your partner. With following strategies, you can improve your health and your relationship without any external medical help:

  • The most important thing is to communicate with your partner. Many men are ashamed of talking about their “manhood problems” with their partner and this is where the problem begins. Talk to your partner and let her know that loss of interest in sex is not because you don’t love her anymore. Discuss what turns you on and ask what excites her sexually. With mutual understanding, you both can consult a sex therapist which can help in rekindling your relationship.
  • Small acts of intimacy such as cuddling, caressing, giving massages or even a gentle stroke can act as a strong stimulus to keep the relationship strong and exciting.
  • A planned sex doesn’t sound exciting but you can make it! Plan a night out, enjoy together, cherish each other and spend quality time.
  • Doing work out together helps a lot. It not only increases your stamina, but makes you feel better and allows you to spend more time together.
  • According to researchers, reading sexual stories, or having sexy fantasies and writing them down is an excellent way to increase your desires.


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