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Low Testosterone Levels and Impact On Sexual Relationships

August 27th, 2018

Low Testosterone Levels and Impact On Sexual Relationships

Low Testosterone Levels and Impact On Sexual Relationships

It has been scientifically proven that serum levels of Testosterone tend to fluctuate with physiological and metabolic changes. For example, with advancing age, the secretion of testosterone decreases, which is mostly physiological as gradual decline does not present with alarming sign and symptoms. Likewise, with changes in diet, lifestyle, weight and other parameters, the testosterone levels also fluctuate; which may or may not be asymptomatic.
The most characteristic sign of declining testosterone levels is negative changes in libido and quality of sex life. It is not wrong to say that persistently low testosterone can greatly compromise the quality of sex life and in turn sexual relationships.

How hypogonadism compromise the quality of sex life?

Regardless of the emotional bond, hypogonadal men find it difficult to maintain healthy sexual relationships with their partner/s. Needless to say that lack of intimate moments leads to confusion, frustration, anger, guilt, and other negative feelings that can promote conflicts and disagreements.
One big reason why lack of intimacy can lead to negativity in relationships is no communication or miscommunication. For example, it has often been observed that most hypogonadal men are too ashamed or embarrassed to share with their partner that their sexual desire or libido is low due to a medical situation. Likewise, most women instead of getting into the depth of what is causing the distance in the relationships, choose more aggressive ways of confronting their partner; that can further increase distance in the relationships.
The key to bridge the gap in relationships is to communicate with your partner to see what is causing the issue and how to resolve it. Listed below are some tips that can help in restoring the quality of sexual relationships.

  • Communication:

Healthy communication is the key to successful and long-lasting relationships – both sexual and emotional. If an organic or medical condition is affecting your libido or performance, discuss with your partner and work together to resolve the issue. Research indicates that issues like erectile dysfunction or male performance improves if both male and female partner are relaxed and not nervous/ anxious.

  • Work together to manage the condition:

Work with your partner to find possible treatment or management options. Make sure to accompany your partner to his therapist/ doctor and show love, understanding and compassion to make the process easier for your partner.
During treatment process, make sure to show support and love by engaging in non-sexual but intimate acts such as cuddling, kissing etc.
Speak to your doctor if options like testosterone replacement are good for you. Testosterone replacement not only helps in boosting sexual rigor, but also improves energy levels, bone mass and emotional health. Besides testosterone therapy, there are a number of other healthy options too – such as lifestyle changes, and dietary supplements.

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