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How Women’s Bodies Change During Arousal

August 8th, 2018

How Women’s Bodies Change During Arousal

How Women’s Bodies Change During Arousal

When a woman starts having sex, her body will change. When arousal starts the body gets riled up, causing the nervous system to also rile up. This results in different physical reactions in addition to specific hormonal releases.

The Breasts

Get Firmer- When your nervous system goes into an overdrive state, tissues swell and blood vessels dilate. This internal reaction affects the breasts the most, causing them to get up to 25% bigger than normal. This enlargement happens during arousal and also after sex. However, this size increase will not last forever: size fluctuates with arousal.
Nipple Sensitivity- When aroused, blood will flow strongly to the nipple and areola area. In addition, muscular tension will result in swelling, goosebumps, and hardness in the breasts. This process is called vasocongestion and is proven to be an important part of reaching climax. Once you start having sex, vasocongestion reprograms your muscle memory, causing your nipples to be more sensitive overall.

Hormonal Changes

When are in a state of prolonged sexual arousal, your brain releases many hormone that enhance the pleasure centers of the brain. This allows one to “let go” and remove stress. The parts of the brain that are linked to anxiety tend to shut down during arousal.
Oxytocin-Oxytocin b. It also makes us feel connected and intimate with a partner. During sex, women release significantly higher levels of oxytocin than men.
Dopamine & Adrenaline- Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that makes us feel good. Adrenaline helps blood flow get to the areas that mean most during arousal. It also gives energy to partake in physical activity.

The Vagina

The whole vagina swells when aroused. This is due to extreme blood flow. The vagina lips become puffier and the walls swell with blood. This makes the opening to the vagina become more narrow, and the clitoris hide within the hood.  The vagina walls and labia minora turn a deep purple color.
Muscle contractions will affect your whole body: resulting in shaking of the feet, hands, and feet. Vaginal lubrication will begin and the clitiros will become more and more sensitive.

The Sex Flush

As the body’s muscles contract, breath and heart rates also speed up. As a result a flush can appear on the face, neck, shoulders, or chest.

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