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High Blood Pressure: Men or Women?

June 11th, 2018

High Blood Pressure: Men or Women?

High Blood Pressure: Men or Women?

Depending on age, preexisting health conditions, lifestyle choices, and genetics, men and women have various risk levels when it comes to high blood pressure. Studies show that women to tend to have higher blood pressure later in life. This is due to the fall of estrogen levels after menopause. In addition, a study that compared men and women, of the same age and same level of high blood pressure, found women had 30-40% more vascular disease.
Both men and women will suffer from higher risk of high blood pressure due to excess alcohol consumption, unhealthy (salty) diet, little exercise, and obesity. These factors do not discriminate based on your sex.  According to the Centers for Disease control, 1 in 3 adults have high blood pressure. This can be detrimental to your health – leading to stroke or heart disease.

Greater Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

Men have a greater risk for renal and cardiovascular disease than premenopausal women. When assessing blood pressure over a 24 hour period, it was found that blood pressure was almost always higher in men than in was in woman of the same age. Women who are 65 years or older do have high blood pressure. Thus, the older a woman is, the more risk they have.
Birth control pills also play a part in a woman’s blood pressure. It is essential for women to get their blood pressure checked routinely when on the pill.

Take Control Of Your Blood Pressure

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