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Drinking Water and Sex Drive

October 16th, 2014

Drinking Water and Sex Drive

Drinking Water and Sex Drive

Extensive clinical research and studies have suggested that optimal maintenance of healthy sex life is dependent on some basic principles. Most individuals who develop sexual dysfunction can manage their symptoms without going through extensive therapeutic or pharmacological regimens.
Having said that, are you aware that drinking can significantly influence you sex drive? No, we are talking about alcoholic beverages, wines and rum here. We are dealing with the universal drink i.e. clean refreshing water. Unfortunately, most individuals lack necessary knowledge about the appropriate daily water intake which may culminate in a number of issues. It is true that alcohol intake can interfere with you sex drive but only if your rate of consumption is very high. On the other hand, mild to moderate aberrations in the maintenance of tissue hydration can lead to sexual dysfunction without causing any noticeable symptoms.

How Can Water Intake Influence Your Sex Drive?

We all know that water is perhaps the most vital and integral constituent of the human cells. All major biological activities and functions utilize water molecules, which should be replaced by optimal oral intake. Poor tissue hydration can compromise the vitality of the cells and may lead to a number of diseases.
Healthcare providers suggest that poor intake of water can affect sex drive in a number of ways; such as:

  • Low Sex DriveDue to less intake of water, you may not feel fresh and vibrant. Since sexual stimulation has an emotional or psychological component as well, your poor energy levels may interfere with sexual stimulation.
  • Poor tissue hydration directly affects the pace of energy generating processes, which deprives you of physical stamina required for sexual stimulation and act of intercourse.
  • Water acts as a filtration agent that cleans your body off the impurities and toxins. If you water intake is low, the impurities, pollutants and toxins may build up in your tissues and compromise your biochemical balance, ultimately affecting your endocrine hormones and libido.
  • Tissue dehydration can lead to vaginal dryness, headaches, poor circulation and low circulatory pressure to the tissues. Needless to say that all these factors can interfere with libido and sex drive.

A lot of people strives to intentionally hydrate their bodies before planning a workout session or a run. However, very few people take hydration into consideration before planning a romantic night with their partner. In fact many people I know intentionally avoid water due to fear of frequent and awkward bathroom breaks during their fun evening. This is absolutely unhealthy and undesirable behavior. According to a latest study, 25 to 30 minutes of sexual activity is comparable to a 3-mile run. This also means that the rate of emotional and physical fatigue is equivalent to a good workout. Psychologists suggests that the post-coital energy decline also restricts couples from engaging in frequent sexual encounters, directly compromising the quality of relationships.

How Can You Improve Your Libido With Higher Water Intake?

Female LibidoHere are a few tips that may help in improving your sex drive by merely increasing your daily water intake:

  • Increase your daily water intake in accordance with your height and weight. There are several apps and formulas that may help you in calculating your recommended water intake per day; yet healthcare providers believe that 8 to 12 glasses of water are general sufficient.
  • Follow your thirst/ gut and drink water whenever you like.
  • Increase your fluid intake in hot, humid weathers or after strenuous workout sessions.
  • Avoid beverages or foods that may impact tissue hydration status; such as caffeinated beverages (tea or coffee), alcohol and soda drinks.
  • Last but not the least, increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables (that are also high in fluid content) as well as other sources of quality macro and micronutrients to optimize health and wellness.

Small decisions such as minor adjustments in your dietary or lifestyle choices, can greatly affect the quality of your sex life. However, if your impaired sex drive is due to an organic or physical illness, it is highly recommended to seek the help of a registered healthcare professional to address the issues as early as possible.
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