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Dr. Elist Reviews Sexual Dysfunction and Disorder

October 3rd, 2014

Dr. Elist Reviews Sexual Dysfunction and Disorder

Dr. Elist Reviews Sexual Dysfunction and Disorder

In this week’s topic review, Dr. Elist reviews the topic of sexual dysfunction and disorder. How sexual dysfunction effects both men and women were discussed, as well as the effects of mental illness on sexual dysfunction.

What is Sexual Dysfunction?

Sexual Dysfunction ImageDefined as an inability to achieve sexual satisfaction, either due to an acute or chronic illness or a psycho-social problem, sexual dysfunction can effect individuals as well as couples. When one or more of the four sexual phases (excitement, plateau, orgasm & resolution phase) in the normal sexual cycle is effected, it can result in sexual dysfunction. It has been noted that the incidence of sexual dysfunction increases with age and has been linked to impacting the quality of life. With proper and early medical help, many underlying causes of sexual dysfunction can be addressed to resume normal sexual function and health.

Signs of Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Painful intercourse, decreased libido, an inability to achieve orgasm and vaginal dryness are all frequently reported sexual disorders in women. They can often be traced to hormonal imbalances, medical disorders, psychological issues or sexual transmitted diseases. Early and prompt medical advise and treatment are the best indicators of a positive outcome and can help return normal sexual function.

Signs of Sexual Dysfunction in Men

Testosterone EffectsFor men, perhaps the most well known and frequently reported sexual dysfunction in males is Erectile Dysfunction (ED). There have been many reported causes of ED with some of the more prominent being the use of certain medications such as SSRI antidepressants and beta blocking medication, in addition to other factors such as psychological stress and excessive alcohol consumption. Other forms of sexual dysfunction in men include ejaculatory difficulty as well as decreased libido, which can be attributed to decreased levels of testosterone & psychological stress.
Often, mental illness can effect the persons ability to form sexual as well as interpersonal relationships. Mental illness can effect sexual function both directly, as well as indirectly by means of the medications used to treat it. Some medications used to treat certain mental illness have well documented sexual side effects. If sexual dysfunction is the result of medication side effects, there may be alternative medications that can be used with little to no sexual side effects.
If you or someone you know suffer from sexual dysfunction, have them speak with their primary care doctor about their concerns. If it is the result of an underlying medical or psychological condition, then it should be addressed sooner rather than later to prevent lasting effects. With proper counseling, therapy and medical advise, sexual dysfunction can often be treated so that the person can have a lasting and fulfilling sex life.

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