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Different Condom Materials and Allergy

January 30th, 2018

Different Condom Materials and Allergy

Different Condom Materials and Allergy

In 2018 we have a plethora of options for birth control. However, condoms still have the advantage of being the most attainable contraceptive method for both men and women. Bowls of free condoms are left on reception desks, drug store aisles are flooded with options, and there always seems to be a spare in a wallet or nightstand. Ever wonder what are condom materials? We’ll learn today!
No one wants to begin a sexual encounter with a hypersensitive immune response such as itching, hives, wheezing, or runny rose.
So what to do if you are part of the 4.3% of general population that is allergic to latex? Latex-alternative condoms are not the most commercial of options, but they do exist and are readily available.


Polyurethane condoms are the most popular alternative to latex. Made out plastic, their composition allows heat to be transmitted better than latex. Many men find Polyurethane condoms to be more pleasurable due to their thinness.


Polyisoprene is (property wise), most similar to latex. Thicker and cheaper than Polyurethane, Polyisoprene condoms have a softer and stretchier quality- which makes the condom feel more natural than rubbery.


One of the oldest and until recently, only, latex alternative condom was lambskin. If you unsure what a lambskin condom is exactly, it is made from the inside of a sheep’s intestine called the cecum. Humankind has been using animal gut for sexual protection for hundreds of years due to its durability, thinness, and heat conduction. Many who are environmentally conscious choose to use lambskin because they are fully biodegradable. The one downside of lambskin is their inability to protect against STDs or HIV.
Some men are embarrassed to put on condoms, thinking their penis size looks smaller to the eye with additional covering. In addition, reusable silicon condom-sleeves are regarded as poorly made and dissatisfying. If you are self-conscious of your penis size and believe penis enhancement can improve your overall well-being, check out Dr. Elist procedures.

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