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Effectiveness Of Different Birth Control Options

September 6th, 2017

Effectiveness Of Different Birth Control Options

Effectiveness Of Different Birth Control Options

When it comes to birth control, people are always wondering about the time it takes different birth control methods to become effective against unwanted pregnancies. In actual, the required time period is directly dependent on the type of contraception. This article will address the time frame with respect to individual birth control options.

Oral Birth Controls

Combination pills: Taking the combination pill on the 1st day of the period can successfully help in preventing the pregnancy. In case of starting the pill intake after beginning of period, a 7 days gap is usually necessary prior to indulging in unprotected sexual activities.

Progestin-only Pill: Once the pill is started, the sex during the initial 2 days should be protected.

IUD (Intrauterine device)

Copper IUD: The effectiveness of copper IUD begins from the time it is inserted. No other protection is required unless it is meant to prevent STDs.

Emergency Contraceptive – How Do They Work? image

Hormonal IUD: If the insertion of hormonal IUD takes place within the 7 days of menstrual cycle, i.e. after it begins, then it provides immediate protection against pregnancy. If the insertion takes place during the other days of menstrual cycle thenback-up protective methods may be necessary.

  • Implant: The effectiveness of the implant increases significantly if the insertion takes place within the initial 5 days of menstrual cycle. Insertion during the other days of the cycle may require added protection.
  • Shot: If the shot is given within the initial 5 days of menstrual cycle then it may provide complete protection within the period of 24 hours. However, if the shot is given after the first 5 days then back-up protection may be required for the coming 7 days. Getting a shot after every twelve weeks can help maintain the effectiveness and maximize the results.
  • Patch: The contraceptive patch provides protection seven days after it is worn. Which means having sex in those seven days will require a physical barrier of some sort such as condom.
  • Vaginal ring: Vaginal ring provides instant protection if its insertion takes place on the very 1st day of the menstrual cycle. Insertion of ring on other days of the cycle will provide protection after 7 days, during which a condom maybe used.
  • Female and male condom: If used correctly, both female and male condoms yield instant results and provide an immediate protection. The correct use involves its appropriate placement according to the directions, prior to indulging in any penetrative sexual activity. A new condom should be used each time and must be discarded after one use.
  • Sponge, diaphragm and cervical cap: With proper use, these agents can also provide instant protection.

Sterilization And Birth Control

  • Tubal ligation: Tubal ligation is done to avoid fertilization of eggs by preventing them to reach the site i.e. uterus. This is carried out by blocking the fallopian tubes. The results are instantaneous of course; however, it is recommended to wait a week or two prior to indulging in sexual activities.
  • Tubal occlusion: This process occludes the fallopian tubes so the eggs wouldn’t enter into them. This in turn prevents fertilization as the sperm fails to reach. The effectiveness of this method is seen after a period of 3 months, during which other protective means must be considered upon doctor’s recommendation.


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