Complications of UTI in Women

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Complications of UTI in Women

Complications of UTI In Women

Urinary tract infection is characterized by inflammation of the tissues that are responsible for the excretion of urine. Due to anatomical (Anatomical Wiki Page) reasons (such as small urethra, proximity to vagina and anal region) and physiological reasons (changes in the pH and biochemical alterations due to hormones and menstrual cycle) women are far more vulnerable to develop UTI (UTI Antibiotics) than males.
According to a latest study published in the American Journal of Medicine (1), investigators reported that 33% females experience at least one moderately severe episode of UTI before celebrating their 24th birthday. Likewise, during a lifetime, almost 100% females develop at least one episode of UTI requiring antibiotics or medical advice.
If you are experiencing following symptoms, you may have active UTI.

  • Increase in the frequency of urination (females report burning sensation and urgency while passing urine)
  • Mucus or blood in the urine.
  • Burning sensation or pain in lower abdomen that increases in intensity while urinating


Notable Complications of UTI in Females