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Bladder Health | Keep Your Bladder Healthy

April 28th, 2014

Bladder Health | Keep Your Bladder Healthy

Maintaining Good Bladder Health

Bladder health is an important subject for keeping your body in good physical condition. Did you know, the bladder is the organ in your body that gets the least attention when it comes to health? However, bladder health conditions are very common. Simple lifestyle changes including exercise can prevent your bladder from becoming a target of urological conditions, which can result in bladder health complications.

Practical Ways to Avoid Urological Conditions and Maintain a Good Bladder Health

Improve Bladder Health by Emptying Your Bladder

Many urological conditions involve bacterial infections from urination. When urinating, make sure that you empty your bladder completely to expel any bacteria that may cause an infection in the process of urinating. Tightening your muscles to stop urinating too soon will force the remaining urine back into the bladder, which can bring bacteria back into your system, affecting your bladder health.

Drink the Right Amount of Fluids to Improve Your Bladder Health

Drinking adequate amounts of fluids, approximately six to eight glasses a day, can drain bacteria out of your urinary tract and further prevent bladder health infections. Processed drinks, such as carbonated sodas and coffee, will only make you urinate more, so it’s recommended to avoid these as well.

Bladder Health Improves With an Active Lifestyle

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