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Bladder Infection Causes | Catheter

April 29th, 2014

Bladder Infection Causes | Catheter

Bladder Infection Caused by Catheter

Bladder infection(s) have a great deal to do with urine. It is hard to believe but urine is generally sterile (or free from microorganisms or germs); as long as it is stored inside the urinary bladder or ureter.
It is also important to keep in mind that pubic region (or skin as a whole) is contaminated with microorganisms that may/ may not cause bladder infection or disease under normal circumstances.
Yet, if these microorganisms gain access to the urinary bladder (Bladder Pains and Irritants); the risk of cystitis a.k.a bladder infection and UTI (urinary tract infection) increases several folds. Intact urinary catheter is among the leading causes of UTI in hospitalized patients. According to the latest statistics, the risk of developing bladder infection is directly associated with the duration of catheter placement. For example, approximately 26% patients develop UTI if the catheter is in place for about 2 to 10 days.

What are the Indications of Bladder Infection  | Catheter?

Urinary catheter is a long tube that is used in clinical practice to drain the urine from the bladder. The narrow part of the tube is inserted via urethra into the muscular bladder, while the broader part of tube is usually connected to a bag or bottle for urine collection.

Some Common Therapeutic Indications of Urinary Catheter or Bladder Infection are

  • In bed-ridden patients or in individuals after major surgeries (abdominal, limb or pelvic procedures), major trauma to spine or other vital organs, patients of severe mental or psychiatric illnesses.
  • History of bladder infection or urinary leakage and/or incontinence (especially in old age or after childbirth).
  • In certain diagnostic procedures (Bladder Procedures | Bladder Surgeries) especially those that involve the disorders of kidney and urinary tract.

What are the Risk Factors That Increase Developing Bladder Infection or Catheter Induced UTI?

Long standing and poorly controlled diabetes (Excessive Sugar Consumption Effects) can increase the risk of catheter induced bladder infection or UTI, cystitis and proteinuria several fold.  According to a recent report published in World Journal of Urology, the prevalence of UTI in diabetic population is 25.3%.

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