Sex After Heart Attack? Are you Ready for this?

Sex After Heart Attack
Sex After Heart Attack? Are you Ready for this?

Sex After Heart Attack, Are You Ready for This? 

Sexuality and intimacy has always been a subject most of the patients are hesitant to speak about. Especially with increasing age, and other health issues, some patients hesitate even more to talk about their overall sexual health. The subject of sexual activity becomes even more worrisome for heart attack survivors who tend to be worried and very preoccupied about resuming sexual activity. Sex after heart attack maybe a subject of fear and patients may ask if it is OK to have sex after heart attack? Which positions are safe for sex after heart attack? Is medication for erectile dysfunction safe for sex after heart attack?
Sex after heart attack is indeed very important for the overall sexual health. Patients who have suffered a heart attack are urged to speak with their doctor about sex after heart attack. And as a matter of fact, intimacy is often possible shortly after a heart attack.

Safe Sex After Heart Attack

Sex After Heart AttackAccording to the first billed scientific statement with detailed guidance on resuming sex after a heart attack, stroke, or other cardiac condition based on a review of medical literature doctors should discuss sex after heart attack with their patients. According to a consensus statement released Monday by the American Heart Association and the European Society of Cardiology discussions should involve everything from when and how to resume sex after heart attack, to what position might be best for some conditions or not advised for others.

Always Consult with Your Doctor

If you are a heart attack patient, you should talk to your doctor when it would be safe having sex after heart attack. It may not be easy at first, but talking with your doctor and ask all of your questions, from when can you have sex again, to how to deal with fears and anxieties.