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Circumcision Healing

July 12th, 2013

Circumcision Healing

Circumcision Healing – Set, Cut, Close, and It Heals in No Time..

Most of us know what circumcision is and what its benefits can be. Many men complain of the excessive foreskin and want to have it removed, and many men swear that they would never have a circumcision done because of the fear for losing sensitivity.

Circumcision Healing in Younger Ages

Some religions demand the new born or little boy to be circumcised at a very young age; some already after several days, some after few weeks or maybe a couple of years. If performed in younger age, the circumcision healing is much faster since new born males and little boys do not get erections that might pull on the sutured area.

Circumcision Healing in Adults

Circumcision Healing, Circumcision benefits, Circumcision Before After PhotoBut let’s talk about circumcision healing in adolescent and adults.
Many young and elderly men  decide to undergo a circumcision. Reasons might be just looks, a tight foreskin, or hygiene and  infections. Circumcision in adults can be performed either under general or local anesthesia. Regardless of anesthesia type, the recovery and circumcision healing is the same.

Circumcision Healing Process

During the last thirty years of my practice, I have performed many circumcision procedures. Currently, I perform circumcisions in operating room and office setting, depending on patient preference. Most important things to know about circumcision healing is the pain and the hygiene associated with the procedure.
After anesthesia and removal of the excess foreskin, the circumcision wound is closed in one or two layers using absorbable sutures. Antibiotic ointment and dressing is then applied to the wound and the patients leave after 45-60 minutes going home for recovery. In general, circumcision healing is associated with mild to moderate pain controlled with medication, and some swelling and inflammation might accompany you for a day or two.

 Circumcision Healing and Pain

Despite the fear of pain, circumcision healing is very tolerable in general. Immediate pain after surgery is described as being mild to moderate, and pain with erections are described as moderate as well. After the procedure you will be supplied with pain medication to ease your little discomfort.
Hygiene is also very important for circumcision healing. After the procedure, please do not remove the applied dressing for 2 days; you can take showers starting the day after circumcision.
After the procedure, complete circumcision healing is usually achieved in 3-4 weeks, depending on skin quality and how fast you heal. The sutures dissolve and fall when you shower and the swelling subsides in a matter of days. Circumcision healing is usually not associated with any complications; infections or wound dehiscence are rare.

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