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Circumcision Benefits

May 9th, 2013

Circumcision Benefits

Circumcision Benefits & Facts

Are there circumcision benefits or is it done mainly for aesthetic purposes? This is the question people ask themselves before undergoing the procedure or authorizing it for a newborn. It is important to review all the facts before making the decision to have one done. There are also a fair amount of adults who haven’t gotten it done and are considering it later in life.
There are a lot of reasons why people may want to get circumcised. Here are the most common causes that keep people away from circumcision benefits. These include religious beliefs, family tradition, or personal preference. However, there are some health benefits to having the procedure done, too.

Circumcision benefits in practice:

Medically Necessary
Circumcision benefits, Circumcision Before After Photo

There are some instances of circumcision benefits when circumcision is medically necessary, as is the case when the foreskin is too tight which prevents it from retracting properly. If this is the case, medical personnel will address the issue as it arises. Some people believe this to be a rare occurrence.
Easier Personal Hygiene
The second one in circumcision benefits list is personal cleanness. A circumcised penis is much easier to clean which can lead to an enhanced state of health. Yes, it is possible to move the foreskin aside on a circumcised penis and wash it. However, it can be a cumbersome process because you need to remove the foreskin.
Prevention of Disease
According to a 2009 study about Circumcision Benefits published in the New England Journal of Medicine, circumcision can help prevent sexually transmitted diseases. This includes HIV, herpes, and HPV. Note, however, that transmission of these diseases is still possible with a circumcised penis.
Helps Prevent Cancer
There is another benefit in Circumcision Benefits list to urge you getting this procedure done. Men who have had this procedure done enjoy a decreased risk of penile cancer. Long term partners of circumcised men also experience fewer incidents of cervical cancer.
Urinary Track Infections
Men are far less likely to get UTI’s than women. The risk of urinary track infections in circumcised males is even lower than average. Though UTI’s aren’t looked at as a serious health problem, they can lead to kidney damage if they get bad enough or recur frequently.
Though there are lots of circumcision benefits, it is still considered optional. If the parents opted out of the surgery in infancy there is still time to consider it. Consider these benefits of circumcision while determining if it is right for you.
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