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Best Foods for Hormone Balance

August 28th, 2018

Best Foods for Hormone Balance

Best Foods for Hormone Balance

When it comes to diet and hormone balance, your choice of protein source can have significant impact. Protein creates the amino acids that help produce valuable hormones such as insulin and growth hormones. Some proteins have the ability to shift the microbiome. This can have a negative or positive effects on the body. The most affected hormones by protein are estrogen, thyroid, and insulin.


The consequence of eating a lot of red meat stems from the process in which it is cultivated. Because a lot of red meat is injected with hormones, it can lead to digestive problems. Such problems can result in bloating or constipation. In addition, it can mess up your microbiome and raise your estrogen levels. Nuts, seeds, vegetables, and clean proteins can help the DNA that lives in your gut (and elsewhere) and keep your hormones in balance.
A plant based diet is recommended to those who have high levels of estrogen. Plants contain more fiber and can help keep your digestive tract in order. In fact, it has been recorded that vegetarians are likely to have 15-20% lower estrogen levels than those of omnivores.


The proteins that negatively affect the thyroid hormones are fish high in mercury and protein that is high in gluten. According to research, gluten heightens the risk of autoimmune thyroiditis. Autoimmune thyroiditis is the central to the development of hypothyroidism.
Mercury imitates estrogen and can bind your estrogen receptors. In addition, the thyroid registers mercury and iodine similarly. This confuses the thyroid. As a result, the thyroid might store mercury mistaking it as iodine. There has been a significant link between mercury toxicity and positive thyroid antibodies.


A significant amount of fiber is required in order to stabilize and maintain blood sugar as well as stopping insulin opposition. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, red meat is linked to blood sugar problems. An observational study of 150,000 people indicated a link between red meat consumption, metabolic syndromes, and diabetes.

Maintaining your diet / Protecting your health

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