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Bananas and Testosterone

May 29th, 2018

Bananas and Testosterone

Bananas and Testosterone

The testosterone hormone helps promote not only male sex characteristics but helps increase muscle mass and physiological health. In addition, balanced levels of testosterone can help prevent osteoporosis. Without appropriate levels of testosterone, men can face major health risks.
One of the first ways to help combat irregular levels of testosterone is to change your diet. Implementing dietary modifications can be very beneficial. Maintaining a varied and balanced diet of vegetables, meats, fish, fruits, and of course, healthy fats can provide your body sufficient macronutrients it needs to create testosterone.
One of the most nutritious foods for your testosterone growth are bananas. Although sometimes criticized for their carbohydrate snd sugar levels, bananas only have 110 calories and supply the body with various vitamins and minerals to sexually perform successfully.

Vitamin C  

The most important vitamins out there is the big C. Vitamin C has numerous nutritional values and the banana contains 12 mgs of it. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and also contains cortisol-lowering properties. This is paramount to testosterone function because cortisol is an adversary of testosterone production.

Vitamin B6 

Vitamin B6 is key to testosterone optimization. Vitamin B6 does play a role in the creation of testosterone, so having additional amounts does not hurt. In addition, B6 is pivotal in the production of red blood cells. This is essential to the immune system and overall body health.


Magnesium helps our nerves relax. One of its main purposes is to maintain muscle. It also supports various enzymes by creating necessary proteins, fats, and carbs. Consequently, this can assist with testosterone deficiency.


Potassium is known as the blood pressure reducer. It helps reduce blood pressure and lowers the risk of heart disease. Because your penile health and function is directly linked to our cardiovascular health, potassium intake can help both stay healthy.


Manganese supports the formation of connective tissues. It lends a helping hand to our communication system of the body. It also helps sperm count.

Increasing the Male Hormone Profile

Eating bananas can be a major asset in increasing your male hormone profile. Low testosterone can negatively affect your libido, testicular size, and mood. If you are looking to make your sexual health the most optimal, Dr. Elist and his team have over 30 years of experience helping men promote their testosterone levels and overall sex life. If you or your partner are interested in Penile Enlargement Surgery, consider contacting Dr. Elist to learn more.

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