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Pubic Hair Removal

April 6th, 2018

Pubic Hair Removal

Women’s Pubic Hair Removal

Women’s Pubic Hair Removal, Many women feel more confident after their pubic hair removal. There are many techniques to remove hair from your genital region, with waxing and shaving being the most common. However, with more and more women trying to get rid of their pubic hair, new hair removal techniques are available, such as laser treatment, electrolysis, among others. A dermatologist can help you remove genital hair through the use of laser or electrolysis.


If you prefer shaving to other pubic hair removal techniques, soak in water for at least a few minutes before shaving. This will soften the hair and make removal easier from the genitals. Use the razor in the direction of hair growth. Dry the area and apply an astringent to prevent ingrown hair.


Avoid applying hot wax to the genitals. Too hot wax could burn the skin. Use a cloth and let the wax harden and then pull it off immediately.


Though painless, this method of pubic hair removal isn’t safe to use on the sensitive area. Don’t leave the cream on the genitals for longer than indicated duration. Some people are allergic to the hair removal creams and immediately notice rash, swelling, or redness, swelling in the area. This is the painless method of hair removal that causes no trauma to the skin.

Laser hair removal

Women's Pubic Hair Removal
The procedure involves the use of a strong beam of light on the area where hair is to be removed. The light enters the skin to destroy the follicle, causing hair to fall eventually. Results may vary from one person to another. There may be some redness and swelling in the treated area, which will subside shortly. The length of the procedure also varies depending on the hair volume to be removed. Laser hair removal may take more than four sessions. Schedule a consultation with a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon, with expertise in performing pubic hair removal with the use of laser.


Claimed to be the only technique that permanently removes hair, electrolysis involves the use of a needle-shaped electrode to destroy the root of a hair. Though you may be required to attend 25 or more sessions for removal of hair roots, it does promise permanent removal of hair.
Bikini hair removal is your personal choice. To reduce the risk of infection, do consult a doctor Elist.

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