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Why Should You Teach Your Kids the Correct Names For Genitals?

April 20th, 2015

Why Should You Teach Your Kids the Correct Names For Genitals?

Why Should You Teach Your Kids the Correct Names For Genitals?

Children by nature are curious about everything, and their body parts are no exception. A number of parents shy away from teaching their children the correct names for genitals. Many parents feel embarrassed to use the accurate proper names of their body parts. It is very important that parents teach their children the accurate names of their genitals, just as they do for any other body part. When we do not make up silly names for our fingers, toes, and ears, then why do we give weird and strange nick names for genitals. Our genitals are as much our body parts with real names as any other body part.
Let us try to understand why you should teach your kids the correct names of their genitals.

Safety Issues

Puberty in Girls ImageTeaching appropriate names of genital organs to children is important not only for educational purpose but also for safety reasons. If there is a situation wherein a person tries to touch a child inappropriately, a child would be able to pinpoint the exact part only if she/he knows the name of the specific part. As a parent, you will be able to define clear sexual boundaries only if you have taught your children the names of their genitals. It is also important to teach your children that their genitals are private. Using inappropriate names or talking about them in a hushed up manner would imply that this is something you should not talk about. You must never teach your child that there is anything wrong in talking about their body. Encourage them to talk about their body parts and ask them to clarify their doubts with a trusted adult.

Funny Names Might Confuse the Child

As parents we must encourage our children to be proud of their bodies. It is their right to know their body and what each part is called. By making up weird names for the genitals you undermine the development of their body confidence. By using made up names or avoiding talking about their genitals, you would give an impression to your kids that there is something shameful and secretive about it.

Puberty in Boys ImageHealth Concerns

If a child experiences a problem or a health concern with their genitals, the child who doesn’t know the names of their genital organs would not be able to describe accurately the problem to a doctor. On the other hand, a child who knows the names will be able to accurately define the problem.

Body Self-Confidence

Children should see their bodies as healthy and must not be ashamed of any body part. They must know the names of all the body parts and should not hesitate in using the accurate names to describe a problem. Using straight-forward names of all the body parts, including genitals, means that there is no taboo associated with them. When we teach our children the accurate names of their genitals, it means we tell them that it is just fine to talk about them.
We all must take pride in our body and feel confident about it. This would go a long way in creating a positive self-image of our entire body.

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