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What Should We Know About Bed Bugs?

June 23rd, 2015

What Should We Know About Bed Bugs?

What Should We Know About Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs can be a real nuisance. Though they do not spread disease, their bite causes severe itching. Bed bugs are tiny, wingless insects with a broad body that may range from white to brown in color and turn red after feeding on human or animal blood.

Signs of Bed Bugs

Emotional Stress Can kill Libido ImageThe initial sign of bedbugs may include a red, itchy bite on your arms or shoulders. Bedbugs prefer dark, dingy places to hide and find a safe haven in your bed and mattresses. They cannot jump or fly. These critters can only crawl and remain inactive during the day and turn the most active at night to feed on human blood.
Other signs of bed bugs include:

  • Presence of these pests along the seams of mattresses
  • Tiny, blackish specks or dark spots of fecal stain or insect waste on the mattresses, bedding, upholstery, sheets, blankets
  • Specks of bloodstains on sheets, bedding, upholstered furniture
  • Exoskeleton, that is, the outer shell that bedbugs may have shed
  • An unpleasant musty odor from bedbug’s scent glands
  • Clusters of bites , blisters on your body
  • Unexplained skin rash or bump
  • Skin infection
  • Tiny, white oval eggs in cracks & crevices

Treatment for Bedbug Bites

Premature Ejaculation ImageThe itchy clusters from bedbugs often appear in a zigzag pattern, and this is what separates them from other skin problems or insect bites. Itching from bed bugs can be so severe that you may end up scratching the skin excessively, which may cause skin burnout, making it prone to infection.

  • Use an antiseptic soap to wash the bites to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Avoid itching at all costs, as this raises the risk of skin burnout and infection. Use an anti-itch cream instead. You can also use a calamine lotion to soothe the burning area.
  • Use ice pack to prevent swelling.

Your doctor may prescribe a mild steroid cream if you develop itchy bumps. You may be advised to take antihistamine tablets to relieve severe signs of itching. Some people may also need a dose of antibiotics if they develop a severe rash of fluid-filled blisters from itching and scratching.
It is important to look for signs of pest infestation of you travel to a hotel, motel, hostel, or any other accommodation where you plan to stay for a day or two. Bedbugs can travel along with you in your travel bags, clothing, and suitcases and enter your home and furniture. Vacuum your language upon returning home and wash all dirty clothes in lukewarm water.
You can prevent pest infestation in your home by inspecting your mattresses regularly and keeping your bedroom neat and clean.

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