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What Urine Color Says About Your Health

February 25th, 2015

What Urine Color Says About Your Health

What Urine Color Says About Your Health

From light straw to brown ale, and many shades in between, urine may have a range of colors, depending on your health. The color of your urine can tell a lot about your health, and it would help to closely monitor the color of your pee to ensure all is well inside your body. Any change in the color from pale to dark should be taken as a warning sign of some problem within your body. It will surely help to know what urine color says about your health.

Types of Urine Color

  • Blood in the Urine imageNo color – It’s a sign that you are drinking too much water. The transparent white is a warning that you should reduce your consumption of water.
  • Pale straw color – Your body is well-hydrated and you are healthy.
  • Transparent yellow – Your water consumption is normal.
  • Dark yellow – You should increase your consumption of water.
  • Amber or honey – Your body is dehydrated and needs water. It will help to increase water intake to get a normal urine color.
  • Syrup to brown ale – This is a danger sign of dehydration or liver disease. Consult your doctor immediately.
  • Pink to reddish – This could be a dangerous sign of a problem within your body, such as kidney disease, prostate problem, urinary tract infection, or tumor. Your urine may appear pink to reddish in color if there is blood in it. The dark color of the urine may also be due to mercury or lead poisoning. On a lighter note, it might appear reddish if you have recently consumed beet or berries.
  • Orange – Dark or orange color urine may point toward a liver or bile duct problem. It could even be due to a food dye. It might help to raise your intake of water and consult your doctor at the earliest.
  • Foaming/Fizzing –This could indicate excess protein in your diet. It could even be a sign of kidney problem if foaming happens frequently.

protein in urine symptoms & effects
Some medications, chemotherapy drugs, laxatives can make your urine color darker than normal. Besides color, the density and odor of urine could also reveal a lot about your health.  Urine plays an important role in the body’s disposal process and removes excess of toxins from the body. Many substances, such as yeast, bacteria, excess sugar or protein, in your body, are excreted by the kidneys along with urine.
If you notice a change in urine color, it could be a sign of a serious condition, including infection or cancer. The change in color might also be due to the type of your food intake. It will help to keep your body well hydrated, as it needs fluids to function properly.
Consult your doctor immediately to know what urine color says about your health!

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