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Blood in the Urine

November 25th, 2014

Blood in the Urine

Blood in The Urine

Urine typically varies in color from yellow to clear, however, at times there may be a red tint to it. The cause of the color change is due to blood in the urine.


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If there is blood in the urine, it is going to appear pink, red, or in similar color to cola. It takes very little blood to produce red urine, and it is generally not painful unless there is a blood clot.
When blood is present in urine, it is important to see a doctor immediately. Keep in mind though, there are foods that can cause urine to be red, including beets, rhubarb and berries. A change in urine color can also come as a result of a change diet, exercise or taking drugs.


There are many health related causes for blood in the urine. One of the most common is a urinary tract infection. If this is the case, the red blood will accompany burning, pain and strong-smelling urine. Kidney infections or a kidney stone can also cause this condition, because of the hard stones that cut against the inside of the body. In addition, an enlarged prostate or kidney disease are all causes of blood in the urine as well. Other, more serious, causes of blood appearing in urine include inherited disorders like sickle cell anemia, cancer and certain medications.

Risk Factors

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There are some circumstances that increase the likelihood of blood in the urine.
They include the following:

  1. If you are a man over the age of 50, it can be natural for you to see blood in the urine due to an enlarged prostate.
  2. If you are a woman, you have a one in two chance to contract urinary tract infections.
  3. If you have had a recent infection, or if you have a family history of urinary bleeding, then there are increased chances that blood will appear in the urine.
  4. Medication and heavy exercise can also cause blood in the urine. This is especially true of anyone who is a long-distance runner.

These are the symptoms, causes and risk factors for the appearance of blood in the urine. If you do notice an unusual color when urinating, it is important to contact a physician promptly.

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