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Urethral Injury Early Treatments

June 17th, 2014

Urethral Injury Early Treatments

Urethral Injury

Going through a urethral injury is not a pleasant experience. It can be very difficult to deal with and anytime it happens, you should talk to your doctor. Any initial decisions about treating the injury must be based on the recommendation of the doctor who can assess how serious the injury is.

Common Treatments For Men & A Urethral Injury

The most common treatment plan for men with an injury to the posterior urethral is placing a supra-pubic catheter in place to drain the bladder (Keep Your Bladder Healthy Learn More). This is the safest approach because it helps to drain the urethra and requires no urethral manipulation.
In terms of the ultimate repair of the urethra, this happens roughly 6 – 12 weeks after the event itself.
Another treatment option, is the realignment of the urethra where it is injured. This has to be performed at the time of the injury and involves an interlocking sounds or catheter passages using retrograde and antegrade approaches. In the post-injury repair, suture repair is also performed.

Early Treatment Options For Urethral Injury

Early endoscopic realignment can be done one week after the injury, using combined approaches that are considered to be safer in the long run. This is done roughly 5 – 7 days after the injury and the hematoma (Hematoma Wiki Page) is stabilized, allowing for potential hemorrhages to be less of a concern, especially compared to the realignment of the injuries to the urethra option. This is a controversial procedure though, despite sepsis also being less of an issue.

Medical Reviews On Urethral Injury Ops & Treatments

According to the UCSF Medical Center, a urethral injury can have long-term consequences and are often characterized by a blunt injury to the perineum, which is the area between the genitals and the anus. A doctor can determine the severity of the injury, the location of it, the health of the patient and also determine if any other injuries are present at that time. In some cases, emergency surgery is needed, but this is not often. Initial suprapubic cystostomy is often performed as the safest option. Once the urethra has healed, reconstructive surgery can be performed and a treatment plan can be started. There is a high amount of success rate with this procedure.

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