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Types Of Fungal Infections In Men

October 3rd, 2016

Types Of Fungal Infections In Men

Types Of Fungal Infections In Men

Human body is made up of billion and trillions of tiny units, known as cells. These cells form tissues, organs and systems. It is imperative to mention that besides human cells, there are a number of other cells or microorganisms on our body; also known as normal flora. This include bacteria, fungi and other commensals. Interestingly, some of these microbial agents are beneficial for the body and help in maintaining a healthy existence; while others act as opportunistic pathogens i.e. wait for an opportunity to strike and cause damage to our body.

One such class of microbial agents is fungi.

A weak immune system is mainly responsible for aggravating the risk of fungal/ yeast infections. Following are the possible causes:

  • Having weak immunity
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Alcoholism (including beer)
  • Use of antibiotics
  • Having intercourse with someone already having fungal/yeast infections

What Are Different Types Of Fungal Infections In Men?

  • Balanoposthitis:

It is a type of candida yeast infection which occurs when male thrush gets worse. Men who recently had bacterial infection or are diabetic, are at higher risk of developing balanoposthitis. Affected person experiences burning sensation, itching and inflammation of penis and foreskin. Pituitary gland disorders, weak immunity and obesity can accelerate the spread of infection. It is a highly transmittable infection and if not treated can lead to development of other complicated conditions such as, persistent phimosis and erysipelatous inflammation.

  • Urogenital Candidiasis/Jock Itch/Male Thrush:

It is characterized by rashes and itching on genitals along with white cottage cheese like covering on the penis. Urogenital candidiasis makes urination and ejaculation painful. It is treated with oral and topical anti-fungal agents. There are always chances of reoccurrence therefore, proper and complete treatment is a must. Besides genitals, candida can also affect anus, armpits and area between the fingers.

  • Pubic Dermatophytosis:

It is also a type of fungal infection that is characterized by itchy and scaly pubis. From pubic area it can spread to affect inner thighs and anus. It is more common in summer season when temperature is hot and humid.

Symptoms Of Penile Fungus Infection

Genital Hygiene for Males ImageIn most cases, penile fungal infection remains asymptomatic however, few may experience following symptoms:

  • Swelling and itching
  • Rashes on the penis head
  • Painful urination
  • Inflammation
  • Burning sensation
  • Discharge from the penis that may be foul smelling
  • Pain during sex
  • Cottage cheese like appearance on penis

How To Diagnose Yeast Infection In Males?

Usually a cotton tampon is used to take a sample from the penis. A blood test can also be done. Usually if there is reoccurrence of thrush then diagnosis is quite clear. Complaints of severe and constant symptoms can make the diagnostic process easier.

How To Treat Yeast Infection In Males?

  • Oral anti-fungals: Anti-fungal medicines such as clotrimazole or fluconazole are usually prescribed by doctor.
  • Topical medicines: If topical creams and ointments are used properly (as per the doctor’s directions), then the risk of developing thrush can be reduced. Beside medication, natural home remedies such as application of yogurt on the affected areas has also been found helpful in some cases.
  • Maintain optimal hygiene: The best way to prevent yeast infections is to maintain optimal genital hygiene. Proper washing and drying of penis is very important. One should avoid taking baths and washing penis with scented shower gels because this may irritate the skin. Opt for showers instead of long baths. Moreover, wearing loose undies also minimizes sweating and keeps your genital skin cool and dry thus, preventing thrush. Practicing these hygienic habits can also help in optimizing the treatment goals.

Reoccurrence Of Jock Itch/ Male Thrush

Despite being healthy, you can develop fungal infections! Though, chances are low, but if you are experiencing any symptoms, you can use anti-fungal creams and ointments that are available over the counter. If you follow exact instructions and complete entire duration of treatment, chances of thrush reoccurrence become quite low. However, even after properly using over the counter creams/ointments, you may experience the symptoms again, which suggests that over-the-counter treatment was not sufficient and you should seek help from a trained urologist who will provide you prescription medicines. Moreover, make sure your partner also seek help from a doctor as you can still get yeast infection if your partner has active vaginal fungal infection.


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