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Risks And Concerns Associated With Jiftip

September 7th, 2017

Risks And Concerns Associated With Jiftip

Risks And Concerns Associated With Jiftip

All the men out there, even when Jiftip claims that their products facilitate pleasurable sex for men, the experts on the other hand have a different verdict to offer. They believe that Jiftip products aren’t preventive against pregnancy nor do they minimize the risk of contracting STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

The so called promising product requires the placement of a sticker on the urethra of man before he indulges in the sexual intercourse. The sticker is made of a polyurethane film along with an adhesive that allows adherence to the penile head. What makes it unique is, it doesn’t cover the entire penis but just the head.

According to sexual health director at Weill-Cornell Medicine and New York-Presbyterian, and a urologist Dr. Darius Paduch, the Jiftip product doesn’t prevent pregnancy by any means.

Therefore, it is important to understand that Jiftip product is not a replacement of a traditional style condom. The Jiftip website claims that this product is meant for those men who do not enjoy a wrapped sex. A Planned Parenthood associate director, June Gupta believes that enjoying a safe sex is everyone’s right. Practicing safe sex with approaches that have been scientifically proven and tested to provide protection against STDs and prevent pregnancy is highly recommended.

The representative of the product stated that there wasn’t enough research work done prior to launching the product in the market. Experts however think that with no thorough research behind an innovative product, its use should not be promoted as the product is associated with the risk of STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Paduch believes that nothing is safer than the condom for men.

Risks Associated To The Jiftip ProductA Basic Guide To Condoms Image

To some men Jiftip product is the wild card to all their sexual life problems. Jiftip however did not clearly state the risks associated with its male birth control product. Paduch suggests that STDs like herpes and syphilis do not require semen for their spread. Sometimes abrasions on the vagina or penis can result in transference of such infections while having sex. The use of Jiftip product also promotes injaculation, a process characterized by the adherence of semen to the penis. This building up of semen can create problems if the immediate care is not taken.

It also promotes bacterial overgrowth due to large amount of fructose present in the semen build-up. This leads to urinary or urethral infections.

People believe that the ratio of men using condoms to practice safe sex is declining every day however that’s not true. According to a statistical study conducted by Planned Parenthood, the use of condom has increased by 14%. Despite of the negative claims linked to the use of condoms the fact remains that men who use condoms still find the sex equally pleasurable. Many men prefer using condoms as the feel safe and protected and report their experience to be equally enjoyable. Paduch also seconds this and thinks that instead of trying out innovative products with no research to support their sex, it is better to stick to the conventional approach to preventing pregnancy and STDs which is the use of condom.


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