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Pubic Hair | Reasons For Having Pubic Hair

May 12th, 2014

Pubic Hair | Reasons For Having Pubic Hair

Why Do We Have Pubic Hair?

A unique characteristic of humans that makes us different from the other primates, is our development of pubic hair. The development is attributed by some as an evolutionary trait that made humans more capable of reproducing because of the benefits that it gave both sexes. The following list shows the reasons why humans have pubic hair.

Distribution of Sweat Glands & Pubic Hair

The distribution of sweat glands in the human body affects where hair grows. The Apocrine (Apocrine Wiki Page) sweat gland produces not just sweat, but also pubic and the axillary hair in the armpit. The secretion from the apocrine sweat gland contains a substance that is broken down by bacteria, and creates a big portion of our body odor.

Pubic Hair & Sweat Glands Info.

Hair & Sweat Glands

Pubic Hair Traps Pheromones

Humans developed/retained pubic hair to trap pheromones. Pheromones are the secreted substances from the apocrine gland which are odorless, chemical signals that help certain biological compatibilities get attracted to each other. Pubic hair works as a way for the body to prolong and enhance the concentration of pheromones.

Pubic Hair Prevents Dirt

A theory suggests that one of the functions of pubic hair is to act as a barrier for dirt and other particles, much like the function of the cilia and the eyelashes. While this may hold true for women, the placement of pubic hair in men does nothing to prevent dirt from the pubic area.
Other theories suggest that pubic hair serves as a way to keep our genitals (Male Genital Deformities: Hypospadias) warm. In addition, some say that the pubic hair is there to cushion our genital area from the friction during sexual intercourse (Sex Myths). While there are more theories about the evolutionary functions of pubic hair in the human body, only one theory is backed with scientific proof. Pheromones are largely concentrated on the areas where the pubic hair is found. The growth of pubic hair signals the start of puberty, and not just with the growth of hair. Puberty also enhances the receptors of the human brain to signals of the opposite sex – e.g pheromones. It’s safe to say that with its biological functions, pubic hair is primarily for the attraction of the opposite sex.

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