Pubic Hair | Reasons For Having Pubic Hair

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Pubic Hair | Reasons For Having Pubic Hair

Why Do We Have Pubic Hair?

A unique characteristic of humans that makes us different from the other primates, is our development of pubic hair. The development is attributed by some as an evolutionary trait that made humans more capable of reproducing because of the benefits that it gave both sexes. The following list shows the reasons why humans have pubic hair.

Distribution of Sweat Glands & Pubic Hair

The distribution of sweat glands in the human body affects where hair grows. The Apocrine (Apocrine Wiki Page) sweat gland produces not just sweat, but also pubic and the axillary hair in the armpit. The secretion from the apocrine sweat gland contains a substance that is broken down by bacteria, and creates a big portion of our body odor.