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Protein in Urine During Pregnancy

August 11th, 2014

Protein in Urine During Pregnancy

Protein in Urine During Pregnancy

Protein in urine, also known as proteinuria, may occur during pregnancy.  Though protein in one’s urine is normal at low levels (or even, briefly, at high levels) prolonged heightened levels of protein in urine are very dangerous and concerning.  During pregnancy, urine is checked regularly to screen for a multitude of diseases and illnesses such as Diabetes (Excessive Sugar Consumption Effects), Precambrian (Precambrian Wiki Page), Urinary Tract Infectionss (Complications of UTI in Women)(UTIs) and more.

Causes of Protein in Urine During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, protein in urine is not the real cause of concern.  The pregnant woman’s proteinuria will likely not last after pregnancy.  However, it is a sign of much more worrisome illnesses and cannot be ignored.  Preeclampsia, for example, is high blood pressure related to pregnancy and can be fatal for both mother and child if not addressed and handled properly. Diabetes can be extremely dangerous, as well.

Effects of Protein in Urine During Pregnancy

The effects of proteinuria depend on the stage of the pregnancy as well as other symptoms or prenatal concerns.  However, prolonged proteinuria that is allowed to get out of control, can cause kidney damage.

Symptoms of Protein in Urine During Pregnancy

There are very few symptoms of proteinuria.  However, there are a few that may be noticed:

  • Foamy urine.
  • Swelling in hands and feet.
  • Swelling in face.

In relation to pregnancy, the most important reason to keep vigilant about proteinuria (specifically in the later part of the pregnancy) is preeclampsia.  The symptoms of preeclampsia include:

Protein in Urine During Pregnancy Photo

Protein in Urine During Pregnancy

  • Blurred or Flashing Vision.
  • Sudden swelling of the hands, feet or face.
  • Severe, constant headache (particularly with vomiting).
  • Generally feeling unwell.
  • Severe pain just below the ribs.
  • Heartburn that persists.

It is important to note that these symptoms may come on quickly and that women should seek immediate medical attention if they experience them.

Remedies to Treat Protein in Urine During Pregnancy

Remedies for proteinuria are dependent on the cause.  It is not a disorder that “stands alone” and therefore there is no one remedy or cure.  It is always related to another disease or illness which is typically much more serious.  In the case of pregnancy, it may be preeclampsia, prenatal diabetes or a kidney infection.  In short, doctors must treat the cause of the proteinuria.

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