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Premature Ejaculation and Age

July 9th, 2013

Premature Ejaculation and Age

Premature Ejaculation and Age 

Premature ejaculation and age? It is something that can happen to boys and men at every stage of their sexual development. It is characterized by early ejaculation that happens when the penis is barely stimulated. This can happen to any man at any time but some people are afflicted with this all the time.
There are various causes of premature ejaculation and age is not just a reason. Depending on the stage in life it could be related to a health problem, indicative of poor lifestyle habits, or even simply psychological. Note that boys, teens, and men can all be affected by this for different reasons.
Basically, there are two types of early ejaculation. The first type occurs in males who are still developing and in some ways is looked at as fairly normal. The second time happens after the man is fully developed. At this stage, treating it can be tricky but possible.

Premature Ejaculation and Age in Teens

In teen boys, premature ejaculation can simply occur because of immaturity and for psychological reasons. It could be that teens who have this problem simply are not ready to be sexually active. Another possibility is that their reproductive organs simply are not fully developed and problems will occur like premature ejaculation and age could be the case.
If you are in this age group and are experiencing this try not to worry. It could be looked at as a normal part of your development. However, if you are trying to be sexually active and aren’t ready, early ejaculation could be a signal that you are not ready.

Premature Ejaculation And Age, Performance AnxietyPremature Ejaculation in Men With Different Age (Young and Mature)

As a man develops sexually, premature ejaculation problems that occurred earlier in sexual development often clear up. However, sometimes they do continue. If they continue, seeing a doctor or a trusted, experienced urologist is crucial to rule out any underlying health conditions.
During the last thirty years of my practice, I have seen and successfully treated many patients with premature ejaculation. Depending on the cause, many options are available: behavioral training, gels, sprays, oral medications, and natural supplements. As a matter of fact, our team has conducted the clinical study for DuraMore, a natural herbal supplement compound product of International Medical Devices Corp., which has been proven to be very effective for the treatment of premature ejaculation.
Other than organic causes, psychological causes play an important role for persistent premature ejaculation at this stage of life. If it happens once it could be a complete fluke. After that, fear that it will happen again can creep in which can also cause it.  In fact, most believe that this disorder is purely psychological but that is for your doctor to determine.
If you experience premature ejaculation understand you are not alone, it is a typical problem related to premature ejaculation and age. It is a fairly common sexual dysfunction second only to impotence. Though it can be frustrating, it is possible to treat it.

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