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Penuma silicone penile implant – what should you know about it!

August 3rd, 2018

Penuma silicone penile implant – what should you know about it!

Penuma silicone penile implant – what should you know about it!

A decent penis size, however an individual defines that, not only plays a huge role in the maintenance of normal sexual function’s but can also improve the confidence and self-esteem in men. Research indicates that men who perceive their penis as small can, develops anxiety, sexual dysfunction, and even depression. Needless to say, that in poorly addressed cases, this can affect the quality of sexual relationships and of life overall.

What penis size is considered good enough?

Many men attribute penis size as a measure of masculinity and sexual power. According to a study reported in the Body Image journal, investigators collected and analyzed data obtained from men concerned about their penis sizes and concluded that:

Besides anatomically small penises, there are several acquired causes of shrinkage in penis size such as surgery, obesity, some surgical treatments of erectile dysfunction etc.

Can you enhance the size of your penis without surgery?

A lot of companies today promote temporary methods of enhancing penis size but be mindful that some of these temporary options can permanently damage your penile tissue. For example, some of the most advertised options include:

  • Cons of Penile enhancement fillers: For long, people have employed hazardous practices like use of enhancement fillers to improve the length or girth of penis by using dermal grafts, cadaver cells, PMMA, collagen, silicone gel, saline, and fat cells. Patients who undergo these procedures may notice a temporary improvement in the girth of penis, without any noticeable changes in the length. Unfortunately, with most of these agents, the results are temporary as collagen, fat cells and silicone gels are resorbed in the body within months of initial surgery. But even more importantly, these filler injections can lead to permanent deformities by forming scar tissue or nodules within the penile tissue. In addition, with the use of needles and depending upon the filler substance, other complications like excessive hemorrhage, perforation of penile tissue and damage to the penile core are also common. It is for this reason, Dr. Elist and other reputed doctors do not perform penile enhancement procedures in individuals who undergo filler therapy or injections due to skin damage and high risk of complications. In fact, major urological societies highly discourage these procedures. Make sure you speak to a registered healthcare practitioner before opting for temporary enhancement procedures.
  • Cons of Surgery to cut groin ligaments: Decades ago, when this procedure was first introduced, it was believed that severing the groin ligament would release the penis and allow it to hang lower without necessarily changing the penile length. But it has now been statistically proven that this surgery can cause penile limp and erectile dysfunction.

Penuma Penile Implants for size enhancement:

If you or your loved ones feel insecure or anxious over your penis size, schedule a consultation with Dr. James Elist. Dr. Elist is the pioneer of the revolutionary penis enhancement surgery procedure that involves insertion of a silicone implant that can instantly increase the size of your penis by 1 to 2 inches (individual results may vary). It is noteworthy that the Penuma penile implant is one of the most recommended options available today to enhance the size of your penis without compromising your sexual or physical health.
The Penuma penile implants are soft silicone sheaths that are different from traditional silicone implants (the ones that are used for breast augmentation) in the sense that Penuma implants are not filled with anything. The silicone sheath is shaped like a penis that covers most of the circumference of penis (about 270 degrees) around the whole girth and length of penis. These implants are introduced in the penis via groin incision under anesthesia via groin incision.
The Penuma penile implants are contoured by the physicians to fit everyone’s needs and subjective requirements. Besides subjective preferences, the texture and length of penile skin also plays a major role in determining the ideal implant length.

What are the cons of Penuma Implants?

If optimal caution is maintained, the risk of adverse effects is low.
Dr. Elist requires absolute abstinence from all sexual activity for a period of at least 6 to 8 weeks after the surgery to allow complete healing – this incudes abstinence from oral sex and masturbation as well. So far, the procedure has been performed in over thousands of patients with a very high rate of patient reported satisfaction. The infection rate is low, which can be reduced greatly by following post-procedure instructions.
Penuma penile implants are now considered the gold standard in the penile enhancement procedures.

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