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Men And Self Image

January 17th, 2017

Men And Self Image

Men And Self Image

Self-image is a psychological term – it’s about how you perceive yourself both physically and mentally. Whatever comes in your mind while you picture yourself is of great importance. As we age, our body goes through certain changes. Changes that we might like or dislike. When we are imaging our bodies, we think how other people perceive us. What we think about our physical appearance directly influences our mental and sexual health.

Like women, men are also pressurized to be socially dominant and be physically and sexually perfect. However, they need to understand that there is no “perfect” body. You don’t have to have “magazine inspired” bodies. You don’t have to be like other people, every person has their own individuality and they should be proud of it!

Influence Of Popular Culture And Media On Men

How you see your physical appearance is called “body image”. From magazines to televisions, advertisements to posters, everywhere we see perfectly toned, muscular, “the oh- so perfect!” bodies. When a common man looks at these images, it negatively influences his self-image. Most men don’t feel satisfied with their body and try to acquire the model looks. To obtain the “perfect body” most young men spend hours on body building, and weight lifting exercises. But, things just don’t end here! weight loss surgeries, hair transplants, dermal fillers, Botox, and the list continues.

The pressure to acquire “ideal body” and get accepted in society can badly damage one’s self-esteem and confidence.

From A Boy To Man

The Link Between Manly Traits And Male Fertility imageAs soon as puberty hits, the obsession for “bigger size” accelerates. Teenagers are usually very conscious about their penis size, as they fear that if they do not attain that “perfect size”, they will not be accepted and people will make fun of them. They also feel that they won’t be able to “satisfy their partner”. Again, the pressure comes from the popular culture! Most men have misconceptions about the “right size”. Many men with average sized penis thinks that they are below the size. It is important to understand that average size depends upon various factors and increasing size won’t add special “powers”. Surprisingly, this obsession heightens with age! Many guys think that their relationship problems can be solved if they give better performance with the “right size”.

Sadly, this consciousness isn’t limited to penis size! Men compare themselves with others in terms of job, money, and luxuries. A man can see himself weak if he does not have a luxury car, furnished office, beautiful house while his colleagues have all those things! This inferiority complex heightens when they see an average looking guy has all these comforts.

Middle Age And Beyond

Its bit difficult to believe but older men are also sexually active! Though, things won’t be as same as is it was during youth, but that desire still exists. In fact, some men are exceptionally active even after crossing middle age. Middle aged men have their own complexes when they see younger aged men.

Change is mandatory, you can’t avoid it but, one can manage it by taking care of their health. As we age our body undergoes unwanted changes, it is a good idea to learn about those changes and accept it! This will reduce the negative feelings you get when you look at yourself in mirror. Ask your doctor about the changes and what can you do about it.

Always remember, each person is unique and so is their body! Your body won’t be same for rest of your life but, each phase has its own charm! Enjoy every period of your life! Yes, it is important to keep your body healthy but don’t run after “ideal body image!”


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