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Penis Enlargement

May 27th, 2016

Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement

Length of penis is a pretty big deal for a lot of men and their female partners. Most people attribute decent penile length with quality sex life in the bedroom (although it is not always true). There are a number of other reasons as well why guys are so obsessed with the length of their penis; for example, a large bulky penis is regarded as a sign of masculinity or manhood in most cultures.

According to a new study reported in the British Journal of Urology International (1), investigators reported that the average length of flaccid penis is 9.0 to 9.6 cm and that of erect penis is 12 – 16 cm. The size and girth of penis is dependent on a number of factors; such as race, family history, BMI, localized disorder of penis or systemic diseases etc.

Are There Any Surgical Or Cosmetic Procedures For Penis Enlargement?

Penis enlargement can be both in terms of girth and length. There are a number of surgical and cosmetic procedures that can be performed to enhance the length and girth (width) of penis.

Lengthening Of penis

Following are two procedures that are frequently used perform Penis enlargement:

  • Ligament release: This procedure involves severing a band of tissue (or ligament) at the base of penis. Ligaments are the tissues which holds the penis closer to the pubic bone. After releasing the ligament, the part of penis base which lies behind the pubic bones get exposed and penis gets free to hang lower than usual (to give the appearance of a longer penis). However, this procedure has some drawbacks such as, after this procedure, there is no further lengthening of penis upon erection in some men. Moreover, ligaments can re-attach and to avoidMyths About Penis Size image this situation either external weights are attached to the penis or fat from other parts of body is placed in the area of ligament release to prevent reattachment.
  • Liposuction: In this procedure the base of penis is exposed by decreasing the fat around that area to make the penis look longer. Liposuction method is usually performed on obese men whose bellies bulge out more than usual; thereby covering some part of their penis base. The quantity of fat to be removed varies from person to person, like in some men very little amount needs to be extracted to achieve desired results.

Girth Or Width Enhancement Of Penis

The girth or width of penis can be enhanced with different methods, including:

  • Fat injections: In this method either fat from other parts of body is injected in penis. In some cases, biosynthetic fat can be used instead of body fat. This is a temporary method because the fat injected usually gets reabsorbed after some time, requiring repeated sessions again and again. Moreover, the fat deposits can produce lumps in penis which may give a weird look. To avoid these problems, doctors inject little amount of fat in numerous sessions instead of injecting all of the fat in a single sitting.
  • Grafts: Transplantation of a healthy tissue from one part of body to another is known as grafting while such tissue is known as graft. Another method for increasing the width of penis is to place a graft beneath the skin of penis.
  • Flaps: This procedure is more time consuming as compared to other methods due to its complexity. An incision is made in penis and tissue flaps from pubic area are placed inside the penis. The attached ends of the flaps are then burrowed beneath the skin on penis shaft while the other end of flap is affixed near the penis head. The advantage of having this procedure is that the tissue survival is usually good because the supply of blood to the tissue is maintained. With this method there can be a protrusion at the penis base. Though, it decreases with the passage of time.

A number of males are always looking of conventional (exercise, diet, supplements) as well as unconventional means (such as surgery, implant or devices) to improve the cosmetic appearance and length of their penis, but it is imperative to mention that adopting strategies without consulting a healthcare professional can aggravate the risk of serious complications.

The efficacy, benefits and quality of results vary from person to person and only an experienced urologist can advise which treatment option is best in your case. Dr. James Elist specializes in urological procedures and male sexual ailments. Book an appointment if you think you are a candidate for penis enlargement procedures.


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2. Adams, J., & Bracka, A. (2016). Reconstructive surgery for hypospadias: A systematic review of long-term patient satisfaction with cosmetic outcomes. Indian Journal of Urology: IJU: Journal of the Urological Society of India, 32(2), 93.

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