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Penile Trauma and Injury

November 20th, 2014

Penile Trauma and Injury

Penile Trauma and Injury

The erect penis is fragile and cannot bend much and is thus susceptible to injuries compared to its flaccid state. If you try to bend it too much, there is a high risk of fracturing and injuring it. Most penile injuries are caused due to trauma to the erect penis. Some injuries are even the result of surgery that you might have undergone to minimize prostate growth. Erectile dysfunction is one such example. Penile trauma may even cause the cylinder lining in the penis to rupture due to fracture. Prostate surgery risks causing nerve ending damage in some men.

Penis Trauma and Injury Causes

Penile Anatomy ImagePenile trauma may happen when an erect penis is thrust against a harder object. Overuse of penile pumps, over indulgence in penis exercises, or excessive bending during sexual intercourse. Excessive bending can fracture an erect penis.
Sometimes penile trauma may result from your plunging deeply into your partner with intense vigor and passion and ramming into the pubic bone. As a result of the powerful thrust, the thick membrane surrounding his erectile tissue could rupture, causing an immediate loss of erection and resulting in a cracking sound, followed by extreme pain from the “fractured” penis. In some cases, the penis may appear ‘bent’ to a side, while in severe penile trauma and cases, the urethra may be damaged, affecting the ability to urinate.
The “fracture” is a kind of tear in the any of the two penile tube-like structures (corpus cavernosum) that are responsible for maintaining erection and hold extra blood flow to penis.
Such penis injury may require surgery to fix the broken membrane, or the tunica albuginea – which is a thick fibrous coat around corpora cavernosum that produces erection. In most cases, penile injury occurs on one side of the penis, while in a few cases, it may affect both sides. In rare cases, the tear may extend to the urethra.
Surgery is often required to “save” the urinary and erectile capabilities. If left untreated, he could experience some sort of erectile dysfunction.

Penile Trauma And Injury Symptoms

Penis Anatomy ImageSuch injuries may cause immediate pain, inflammation, and even discoloration of the penile region. In severe cases, the penis may appear deformed.

  • Bruising
  • Pain
  • Immediate loss of erection
  • A cracking noise
  • Bleeding from the urethra

Prompt surgery is needed to prevent abnormal curvature of the penis. Surgery may also be required to prevent permanent erectile dysfunction.

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